Jacoby Ellsbury’s homer helps Boston Red Sox beat Cleveland Indians 4-3 - MLB Update

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Jacoby Ellsbury’s homer helps Boston Red Sox beat Cleveland Indians 4-3 - MLB Update

Boston Red Sox’ centre-fielder, Jacoby Ellsbury showed an outstanding performance in the second consecutive game as he hit a decisive homer in the ninth inning to give the Red Sox a 4-3 win over the Cleveland Indians at Fenway Park, Boston on August 3.
Red Sox got off to a quick start as they blasted two runs during the first inning to acquire a 2-0 lead. David Ortiz singled off left-field while Adrian Gonzalez and Kevin Youkilis both singled to end the first inning with a firm lead. In the second and
third inning of the game, the pitchers were on top as they tossed up some tricky pitches right through their respective innings.
In the fourth inning, the Indians added two runs to tie the game but the Red Sox scored one run to take a 3-2 lead, at the bottom of the fourth inning. Jason Kipnis homered (394 feet) towards right field while Asdrubal Cabrera scored a tie run when Travis
Hafner hit a double-run shot towards right-field.
The batters again failed to lift the potential of their teams during the fifth and sixth inning and got out on easy pitches. The Red Sox starting pitcher, Tim Wakefield was little bit unsteady with the ball as he permitted three earned runs and five hits
with an ERA of 4.99. He gave up just three runs and two walks in his six inning pitches. Wakefield allowed just one home run and had six strike-outs on his 99 pitches.
Ellsbury said, “I realized it was the ninth inning and I had been 0-for-4 both games. I'm just trying to get on base. The last two days have been pretty good.”
The Red Sox Manager, Terry Francona said, “It's hard. I knew what it meant to the fans wanting to see it -- and so do I -- and to him personally. But you do what you have to do to try and win the game.”
During the seventh inning, the Indians levelled the game 3-3 when Ezequiel Carrera hit a ground rule double to deep right-field and Lonnie Chisenhall contributed a tie run. In the ninth inning, Ellsbury hit a walk-off homer (425 feet) towards centre-field
to give the Red Sox a convincing 4-3 lead.
As a result, the Red Sox went ahead 2-1 in the four-game series played at Fenway Park.



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