Italian police stopped a second time ' Bishop 500 euros '

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Last June, the Italian police arrested a hotshot Vatican, Monsignor Nunzio Scarano, also known as " Monsignor 500" for his fondness for airline purple. He was accused of a bizarre operation that included money laundering, with the help of a former agent of the Italian secret services and an expert in pufos broker, chartering a plane from Switzerland to Italy with 20 million euros in large bills. The Guardia di Finanza and threw the glove, just weeks later, while flying back from his trip to Rio de Janeiro, Pope Francisco broke the omerta Traditional Church toward their wayward princes: "It has not gone to jail that resemble the Blessed Imelda. He was not a saint. " Jorge Mario Bergoglio hit the spot. A 500 ​​Bishop, who was under house arrest at his home in Salerno for health, have rearrested.

According to the Italian justice, Nunzio Scarano had devised a great system consisting laundering passing as donations for the poor big money of illegal origin, once entered in the accounts of IOR (Institute for Works of Religion the Vatican Bank) was clean as a whistle. It was a fruitful business to the point that agents of the Finance Police have seized property and bank accounts worth around six million euros. Together with Archbishop Scarano, according to his attorney suffered a dizzy spell at the time of his second arrest, was arrested a parish priest from Salerno, Don Luigi Noli, and suspended from his duties a notary who was apparently also in the garlic.

In relation to the same matter, the Italian justice has submitted to the State of the Vatican City a request for letters rogatory to access some of the accounts managed by Nunzio IOR Scarano, who presided until his arrest no more and no less than the APSA, the organization that manages much of the real estate and capital deposits of the Holy See. The arrest of Bishop Scarano, who boasted - available - of floors and 400 meters and filled several money bills in the IOR, the pope gave the opportunity to prove Francisco, just three months after his election, things began to change. The prelate was not only stripped immediately from their positions and privileges, but the Vatican officially became the order of the Italian courts and, just 48 hours after the arrest, Jorge Mario Bergoglio dismissed Paolo Cipriani, director general bank, and his second, Massimo Tulli. From then until now, the Pope has issued several designed to whiten dark still finance a famous institution for crimes never clarified initiatives by charities.

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