Is tylenol pm safe to take during pregnancy?

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i know regular tylenol is ok, but I don't know if tylenol pm is ok. i am allowed to take ambien to sleep, but i want to wait till after 16wks to take that stuff. please help, i havent slept well, about 3hrs a night, in a week. i got a dr. appt thurs but i need sleep now.




  1. Yes, Tylenol PM is a combination of two things that we are allowed to take: Benadryl and Tylenol.  My doctor actually encourages me to take it at night right now, because I haven't been getting enough sleep.  Of course, you should give your doc's office a call to be sure, but my oldest is 11, and I was even allowed to take it when I was pregnant with her.  I've had 4 different doctors with my children, and they have all allowed me to take it.

  2. the ingredient in tylenol pm that makes you sleepy is the same thing as benedryl, which is safe in pregnancy. Its safe, but try not to use it every night.

  3. I would call your OB/GYN,pharmacistt or nurse on call. I know that my friend has been prescribed Ambien during her pregnancy. I'm not sure if Tylenol PM is anything like that or not.  The problem is, you don'twantt to make the baby drowsy.  I had severemigrainess during pregnancy, and had to take something for them. I was prescribed a Class "B" narcotic.  Now, I didn't like having to take them, however, it's like which is the worse of two evils, a mommy who's not eating, staying hydrated, not sleeping, and vomiting or taking something with minimal risks (though there still are risks) to the baby.  If you can't get a hold of a doctor or nurse, call any local pharmacist.  They can tell you what interacts with what and what's "safe" "not safe" and "safer" during pregnancy. If anything, they can probably give you a suggestion.

    Best of luck!!

    FTR - both of our children were born completely healthy, even after having to take medication during pregnancy.  

  4. No.  Ask your doctor if you can take something natural to help you sleep.  Call up there and ask the nurse, they will more than likely tell you over the phone.

  5. yes ofcourse my doc told me to take it because i was allways getting killer headaches at night time when it was time for me to go night night so yes that and benadryl

    good luck

  6. Tylenol PM is the same pain medication as Tylenol, plus the active ingredient in Benedryl, which causes drowsiness.

    Taking it once or twice isn't a huge risk, but you need to weigh the risk vs. the benefit.  I suffered from a terrible bout of depression during my pregnancy and couldn't sleep for several days.  My doctor recommended Tylenol PM for a few nights so I could get some rest.  In my case, the benefit getting some sleep outweighed the risk of taking the Tylenol PM.

    You really should consult your doctor or midwife before taking anything during pregnancy.

  7. my doc said not even reg tylenol is safe. dont know wat to tell u about getting more sleep sry

  8. I'm not sure about tylenol pm but I was told that benedryl is but only take one at a time

  9. my doctor said any tylenol products are safe. so i use them once in a while

  10. Yes ma'ma it is!!! My doctor told me I could take it! Its tylenol with benadryl. She told me I could take it when my hips were hurting or whatever. It's up to you, ask your doctor!  

  11. Give your dr a call. They can tell you what is safe to take to help you sleep.

  12. yes, that or benadryl.

  13. NO

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