Is there an actual FREE site to obtain your credit score

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I see a lot of the free sites but if I read on, it's only free for a few days and then I'll be charged. Is there a site that will show your score with out having to provide a credit card number?





    Absolutely free.  Sure they will try to sell you stuff but if you "just say no", you WILL get a free report at the end.  And you can actually get a free report from EACH of the 3 credit bureaus (Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax).

  2. - try that :)

  3. As has been mentioned, the ONLY free place to get your credit report is  It's run by the FTC, part of our government.  The company with the fancy jingle is not free.

    There is no place to get a free credit score unless you know someone who  is either credit counselor or lender.  It will cost them, but they might now charge you as a favor.

  4. You can get your credit REPORT for free at (one free report from each bureau per year).  They give you the option of buying your score for a nominal fee (you do need a credit card) when you get the report.  I usually add on the score, and it costs about $7.00.  I don't know of any site where your score is absolutely free.

    Hope that helped.

  5. The only site that gives you a totally free score is and it is FAKO generated score, but it is free.

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