Is there a treatment or surgery to cure stuttering?

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I'm a 13 year old girl from California and I stutter. my older brother(who's 18 now) used to stutter real bad from kinder-garden to second grade but he doesn't stutter anymore. I unfortunately have been stuttering from when I was a little girl all the way to now. some a*****e boys tease me sometimes(but there's this one boy who teases almost everyday at the bus top) but most of them tease me behind my back. i I've never heard it but i know they do it. they laugh and giggle almost every time i pass by and i hate it. i've been going to speech classes and those have helped a little bit and i wear a speech-easy. anyone have any ideas?




  1. Contact Bobby G. Bodenhamer for help with stuttering.  Look his name up online.

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