Is there a product that can kill bedbugs?

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We are clean people, but we have a bedbug problem that will not go away and is causing all kinds of inconvenince on a daily basis. Is there a product out there that anyone can recommend or a solution?




  1. How to avoid and kill bed bugs while traveling - a checklist

              o Look for bug sign in your room; ask for another room or leave

              o Don't put luggage on any furniture (yeah, the tub works)

              o Kill bed bugs by washing everything in hot, hot water and vacuuming your bags inside and out, including seams.

    How to Kill Bed Bugs at Home

    The same rules on how to kill bed bugs while traveling apply at home: vaccum your living space relentlessly, including furniture, changing the bag outside (hatchlings can wiggle through a stitch hole). Wash or dry clean everything moveable (clothes, bedspreads, throw rugs) in hottest water. If one happy couple escapes, though, it's all for naught.

    Baumann points out that people pay plenty trying various home remedies that don't go so well, and recommends that you bite the bullet and foot the bill for an exterminator to begin with.

  2. 1)false actually very few people have or get bed bugs

    2)false extremely hot water is not needed to wash your clothes to kill bed bug adults or eggs think about it 30 minutes submerged in soapy water will drown anything,and that hot of water could do sevre damage to material

    3)false pyritherin is from the chersanthimun flower not marigold and is only a contact kill no residual

    4)true that diatineasus earth will kill the bed bugs but do you really want it spread all over the house through out everthing and it can damage you lung tissue if inhaled

    5)steam cleaning will kill the bed bugs and is a usefull tool

    6)in most cases bed bugs will be only in the area of the bedrooms that is were they get there food source (blood)they can be in other parts of the home in very sevre cases

    7)false bed bugs will live in or on any mattress type foam or traditional they will live in the material seams that surround the matress,there are bed bug proof slip covers that can be put on the matrees to prevent them from getting into the matress and box spring

    8)bed bugs will live anywhere in the bedroom behind pictures,door frames,moldings,dressers they dont live in the cracks of floors

    9)for a proper treatment and safe treatment call a licenced extermination company ask for the tecnicians licence and companies proof of insurance,no animals or fish should be left in the home when treated it is a poison that they are applying you should be out for atleased 6-8 hours and it should take atleased 2-4 hrs to service a home properly if the company tells you that the product is non toxic then ask them HOW will it kill the insects if its non toxic.Go with a large company instead of a no name company and get a written guarretee for no less than 4 months and a no charge retreat.I am a licienced exterminator for 26 years when it comes to bed bugs dont mess around with home remedies get it done right.

  3. Everyone has bed bugs, and they are hard to get rid of.  You can go the route with an exterminator or harsh, toxic chemicals, but in my personal experience, the bed bugs -- like roaches -- very quickly become immune to the chemicals.  And, remember, these are toxic chemicals that will need to be applied to carpeting, curtains, flooring, bedding, and even clothing to eradicate most (you will never get all) bed bugs.

    That being said, I suggest an organic, non-toxic product that will not harm family and pets, and that is Diatomaceous Earth (I've included a link which will give you info, the stuff is available at most garden, pool, and many hardware centers.)  Essentially, the dust (which feels like powder to us) has razor sharp edges that cut the bugs and many times their eggs so they die very quickly of dehydration (usually before they are able to mature and reproduce).  The stuff works great on fleas and other crawly beasties also.  I tried the exterminator/chemical route (killed my guinea pig and and elderly cat in the process) only to have a worse reinfestation 6 months later.  Diatomaceous earth works, and works exceptionally well.  No creature can develop an immunity to this as it does not affect the nervous system.

    Vacuum daily or every other day (including upholstery, curtains, etc.) until you get the problem under control, as bed bugs are just as comfy in a chair or sofa or your carpet.  And, speaking of beds, if you can afford it, switch to all-foam mattresses, as foam is not a hospitable environment, and at least you will get relief while sleeping because there won't be any bedbugs living in the mattress.

    You also need to wash your clothes and bedding more frequently than usual in super, super hot water (you may have to add boiling water to washtub if your heater is only set to 120)  if you line dry, or you must over-dry clothes in a dryer.  I know, the Tide people say you can have "deep" savings of $6 a month by washing in cold water, but that won't kill bed bugs OR dust mites (or viruses, etc., etc.) and saving $6 a month is hardly worth it to me.

    Go the natural route...I think in the long run you will be a lot happier with the results.

  4. Along with everything said above, put a flea collar in the vacuum bag. And put a new one every time you change the bag.

    Apply the insecticide on the floor. Bugs like to live in the floor cracks.

  5. Two parts to this answer. First, whatever choice of insecticide we find effective against these really tough and resilient bedbugs, will let a few live which happen to have resistance to that particular insecticide, which will begin a new colony resistant to whatever we were using against them! So pesticide choice rotation every few months becomes the effective technique of desperation. Secondly, the best all-around insecticide (short of fire) is Pyrillium flower extract (from Marigolds) called Pyrethrin. Unfortunately, the accursed bugs eventually build resistance to that as well. Lately, Malathion mixed with Sevin has shown effectiveness, with only slow-building of resistance. Some folks simply rely on the mantra "Sleep tight, don't let the bedbugs bite!" Obviously they have some secret method of getting that result, but nobody has published exactly what it is. Good luck, you'll need it! Regards, Larry.


    confirms (#3) that you can spray them with rubbing alcohol.

    (and has other things to do)

  7. clean your sheets

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