Is pollen on the grass safe for dogs?

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My dogs don't have any allergies, but we have a lot of pollen in our backyard. It is coating the grass and my dogs bring it in on their feet. I just want to make sure the pollen isn't going to affect them in any negative way. Is there any way or need to get rid of the pollen on the grass?




  1. The pollen is totally safe.  I have bad allergies to grass pollen, but that is the only negative effect of grass pollen.  

    Are you sure its pollen (could it be seed)?  Pollen is microscopic and you usually can't see it.  Sometimes you can see it puff off of the flower heads (like dust), but that's about it.  If it's bothering you, you could mow it so the grass doesn't flower.  But it's totally safe (pollen and seed).


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