Is it hard to learn urdu?

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please tell me, I want to learn urdu




  1. i also try ro learn urdu and i found that its not  tough language. i visited pakistan and live there for 2 months and i am sucessful to learn urdu . yes urdu is easy to learn but hard to write u cant learn to write urdu in a year too. urdu comes on 4 number in the world cause urdu spoken widly in the world like in iran pakistsn aome parts on india bangladesh  saudi arabia germany and urdu speakers widly spread in the whole world  1 is english 2 is i hope so arabic and third chinese and 4 urdu i think chinese is realy hard to learn i also tried to learn japnese and its also not hard . no language is hard to learn to speak but hard to write

  2. So far the best website for translation ( according to me) is

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