Is it easy to sell cruises from home? I am considering doing this...?

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Is it easy to sell cruises from home? I am considering doing this...?




  1. Yes you can do this from home,  but it may not be as easy as you think.  First you should know this about the travel business.

    In the US you need to first either attend travel school or work for a period of time for an authorized travel agency. In the travel business there is an agency (ARC = Airline Reporting Commission) which controls all of the distribution of travel funds and you must be a member in order to participate. You gain that participation by schooling and work in the business. Then you need to join a travel association, like ASTA or CLIA, which show you are a professional travel person.

    You should look into attending a travel school like maybe Carlson Travel. There are several others that are nationwide(see web site below). I attended Carlson and they offer full time and part-time classes. Once you finish the school, they will help you with placement, finding a job. You really need to work in the business under an agency for a while to learn how things are done. Once you finish schooling and or your apprenticeship, you are assigned a CLIA or ASTA number. That number is your ticket to getting paid.

    CLIA stands for Cruise Line International Association.  Check out the web sites below.

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