Is it bad that I'm gonna start using drugs b-cuz I'm worried and depressed??

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it does sound stupid but we have no freedom in our country(Iran) i don't know whats gonna happen next they execute people for no reason sometimes i even don't wanna be a muslim cuz they put too much pressure on us...they treat women like dirt and islam says were all equal then how come were not??our government really bothers me and there's nothing i can do about it .i wanna forget the stuff they do to us by using drugs will it help???




  1. Nope but you might find yourself on the wrong end of a crane..

  2. well if you just want another problem go ahead, but drugs will do you no favours

  3. Drugs certainly is not a solution to this. If you think you are capable to change the situation then try doing it else live the country. There are many peace loving countries in the world any of them will absorb you.  

  4. Move to Ethiopia, they're muslim and there you can help poor people, that'l cure you.

  5. I really feel sad for you but drugs are not the answer, they will cause you more problems, try and get on with your own life and don't take on all the problems around you, as you say there is nothing you can do , maybe you should think about moving to another country.

    all country's have a different religion but when it comes down to it we all end up in the same place when we pass over, and there is only one creator ,we just see it in a different way, no one person is correct, just be a kind loving person and do your best for people, that is a true christian,without the dogma of religion.

  6. Don't do drugs over there.... they will cut your hand off or something like that. Seriously

  7. run away dude its funny how arabs say their muslim and break every freakin rule in the quran huh?

  8. It depends on what drugs you are talking about doing.

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