Is it a sign of improvement if my dad's doctor asks him to stop my diabetic Medicine.?

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My father was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes at age 41 in 2004 and they told him to take some medicines to help control his sugar level. He recently started biking for long periods of time and his doctor said that he could stop taking it since the results from his blood test showed a result of an A1C of 5.5.

His two medications were:

Metformin HCL 500M

Lisinopril 5MG

The question is if this is healthy because recently he has felt really tired. Since he has started his medications though, he has went from 200 to 190 but he has been eating healthy. His doctor said he could try not taking his medications but it was only because my father did not want to take them anymore. If anyone knows about this or has gone through this please share your coments as I am concerned for my father's health and I do not trust his doctor. Thank You.




  1. Yes, it's a good sign and I think yours fathers doctor wants to keep an eye on his A1c's. A reading of 5.5 is certainly within normal non-diabetic numbers but they can easily rise back to where they were initially.

    Your dad will probably have to work a little harder with his meal plan and exercise regimen to maintain the 5.5 because the Metformin was helping to lower it.

    Oral diabetic medications are known to lower an A1c approx. one full % point which is why he needs to try harder to maintain that 5.5 or he may see a rise in his levels again.

    Congratulate your dad for me.

  2. yess;

    that should be signs of improvement..  

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