Is divorce really the answer to my marriage problems?

by Praise  |  8 years ago

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  1. Guest45139

     Marriage is for better, for worse and should be for a lifetime. When the going gets tough in marriage, many people take divorce as the easy way out but it will only compound the problem; family being split apart, difficulties, emotional distress, loss of vision and goals.  There is still hope of the marriage working out but it is a two-way thing which requires support, effective communication to resolve problems, reviving the love that brought you both together. Always know that there is no perfect marriage, couples have to work hard and be willing to make compromises for it to work.

    Achieving a happy, successful and rewarding marriage should be your goal; a kind word rather than a reprimand, a smile rather than a scowl, the exercise of patience rather than petulance.

    Enjoy a blissful marriage.




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