Is Fevola making news yet again because.......?

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...he wants to take some of the limelight away from Judd?

Seems like he's on TV or in the news every 5 seconds -

'Fev has decided to stop drinking and clubbing until end of season'...BIG DEAL!




  1. i dont know why the cellar dwellers get so much attention

  2. I think he is just a big idiot, Rogue.

  3. yep, big deal, is what i say too, i don't give two hoots about players private lives, they should just play footy, thats why they are famous.

    hey rogue, you might have to eat your words about ryan lonie too, named on the extended bench. go tiges for sunday.

  4. OK, he has stopped drinking and clubbing, wish he would stop talking too.

  5. i sense a bit of envy from the black and white army-seems your not on the front ,back , and middle of the paper and you don't like your spokesman Eddie isn't on t.v spreading the collingwood word GEE THAT MUST HURT.

  6. Fevola is just jealous because Judd got the captaincy and he didn't. This is why he is acting erratically PLUS he can't have an affair with Lara Bingle anymore

  7. have a point!!!!

    He is an attention seeker,and how dare Judd come into the club and take away his glory!!!  lol

  8. fevola and willy mason are identical twins (seriously they even look identical). Whatever condition it is that makes people crave attention I would bet that they both have it.

  9. yeah no one cares bout whats happening in the rest of the world...thats why everyone is soo stoopid. So we look into boring lives of other people

  10. Yes, but I guess it's better than hearing the name Judd every minute on every news, current affair and football show :)

  11. If Fev has stopped drinking and clubbing the entire hospitality industry will go bust......

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