Is Andersonville Theological Seminary a good Seminary?

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  1. Guest58924

     I finished my ThD with Andersonville in May 2017. I previously graduated from nationally and regionally accredited schools (I also taught classes for one of the "Big 6" SBC seminaries). I can honestly say that Andersonville is a great school and working hard towards regional accreditation as well. 

  2. Guest58648

     I have secular degrees from both Regionally and Nationally accredited schools, I have an associates, two bachelors, and a masters degree. I chose to attend ATS only after significant research into their programs. I am working on a degree from ATS for no other reason than personal enrichment. 

    I did a significant amount of research before I committed, and was please with what I found. I was in the Army, and I tried to find military Chaplains who had done work at ATS. The post Chaplain when I arrived at Fort Riley received his ThD from ATS, that was good enough for me. I am in the DMin program, and so far it has been challenging but well worth the time. Plus the price is right. When I get done am I going to make people call me Dr? I'll let them decide that, but I am enjoying the learning that is taking place. 






  3. Guest57532
    As one looking into ATS and reading these comments, I can only chuckle at the ignorance some display here.  ATS may not match the academic rigor--although I have not yet studied there--of icons such as Fuller or Moody, but to claim that its academics are worthless or that it is a "diploma mill" is factually wrong and illustrates a deeper agenda.  If you care to take the time and look, you will learn that accreditation is not mandated by the U.S. government, that such accrediting bodies are only recognized by the government based mostly upon their ability to stay in operation, and that regional accrediting association's standards of accreditation do not in themselves ensure a valid education.  Their accreditation standards promote quality, but do not guarantee it.  However, I have met many people with regionally accredited degrees--including masters--from big state universities you would recognize that could hardly write a cogent sentence.  Their subject-matter expertise also left much to be desired.  How they achieved that is anybody's guess, but they did, and you wouldn't criticize their credentials for one second.  Further, the label "diploma mill" is defamatory because ATS and other small seminaries like it demand work, in classes that comprise the program selected, before a diploma is awarded; "mills" simply sell you one.  The definition is online, including at CHEA.  Please know what you are talking about before engaging in slander.

    As to that "agenda" I mentioned, I cannot understand why people with allegedly "real," accredited degrees, give a hoot about Andersonville or any other such school.  I've seen this on other blogs too, and nobody ever discloses why they care.  I would bet my life savings they didn't attend Harvard or Yale, so why the defensiveness?  The attacks?  Not everyone can attend a high-priced regionally accredited accredited school, and not everyone needs such a degree.  Leave well enough alone and allow for a big, diverse world.  If intoning here, simply say you don't know, but that no accredited school will hire you as faculty, if that is the intention of going to ATS.  That is honest, but labelling ATS a "mill" is not.

    Me? All I will tell you is that I am not affiliated with ATS, but may become so, and that I already possess regionally accredited bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degrees.  Why would I then want to attend ATS?  For a doctorate in another field in which I am very interested, and with no need for accreditation (although I understand they intend to seek it and I hope they do soon).  My work both in the program and later will stand on its own merits.  The price point matches my needs in this too.

    God bless, and let's keep it honest.
  4. Guest56052
    Don't say a school is a diploma mill if you cannot honestly say the following: you attended and completed, or didn't complete (be honest why you never finished) that is that.  A religious school has that option of being either accredited, affiliated, or none of the two.  To be affiliated is a great thing as some schools may actually consider accreditation. All I ever hear is: "Is this program accredited or is that one accredited, instead you should be asking if a faith based program is for you?
  5. Guest44905

     Andersonville is affiliated with ABHE, which is a recognized accrediting body, but it is not a member of that governing body.  There is a difference.  


    Affiliation means that their institutions attends functions and know of the governing body.

    Membership means that they are apart of that governing body.


    It doesn't matter if lots of people whom you know have attended Andersonville and became pastors.  It's a diploma mill.  It's not recognized.  Look under which lits all the accredited schools nationally as well as the diploma mills.  Lots of people will claim to have known the Lord but on the great day he will say, "depart from me....I never knew you!"







  6. Guest44905

    Disclaimer:  I am a Pastor, a BCC Chaplain at a hospital.  I have an accredited Masters of Divinity degree from a well known theological seminary  but prior to earning my degree from there, I too took courses at Andersonville.  As a result, that which I will convey will not be bias. 

    Unforunately, Andersonville is a diploma mill.  For those who think otherwise, clearly they have not been to an accredited academically challenging school of theology.  However, despite it's lack of accrediation (which it affirms it does not have on its website) Andersonville presents sound biblical doctrine.  Theology is the study of God and His dealings with creation.  This is not the institutions strength.  Biblical Studies is the study of the bible and how man is to govern himself by its principals. This, my friends, would be the stregnth of Andersonville. True or False questionaires does not force one to critically think through a passage.  Nor does a 3 sentence response to a passage. Higher forms of academic instutions demand such and much more.  

    With all that being said, I do recommend Andersonville for any individual who desires to enchance their bible knowledge.  Those looking to advance in a vocation where a M.Div, its equivalent or higher is required for employment, getting a degree from this institution is not recommended.  A degree from this institution will not be recognized.  God bless everyone!



  7. I received my Bachelors degree from St. Leo College in 1980 after retireing from the military. From 1980 to 2002 I did course work to maintain my teaching certificate from FIU, UM, and several other institutions. I am presently working on my Masters of Theology from ATI. When I say working, it is exactly that. At 73 years old, I don't need a degree to work but I do need a degree that says I am accurate in teaching the Bible. Andersonville is an instituition that teaches the Bible without the "fluff". If you want a true Biblical based education, ATI can and will provide that need.

    Glen Cowgill

  8. I have attended 4 seeperate Bible colleges \ seminaries. 3 regionaly acredited and 1 not (Andersonville). That being said I have to say that Andersonville is to my opinion a great school. It was just as instructive as the others. Furthermore it is an associate and even accredited by bible based institutions.  Did you know that Bob Jones University, Yale, and Harvard have NO regional accredidation. So by the standards I hear proported by some on here Yale and Harvard would be a waste of money and wouldnt get you a job as a prison Chaplain. Toche'.  Be blessed my Andersonville Alumni friends.

  9. I am currently enrolled at ATS and I will tell you it is absolutely not a diploma mill.

    The course work is very intense and demanding.

    If you want seminary training online, you cannot go wrong with ATS.

  10. Yes it is. I wanted to do a Bible based doctoral degree in counselling and this explains my choice for Andersonville. The courses forced me to study the Bible and to listen the taped lectures several times. The tight schedule of work and church activities lenghthen my expected completion time,but God remained faithful. The courses were detailed informative and practical for persons already employed in this area. I know that Andersonville will grow from strength to strength as God blesses His faithful servants.  

  11. The most recent President of the Missouri Baptist Convention, Dr. Bruce McCoy, earned his Doctorate from ATS.  Just saying.

  12. Please people...stick to the facts.  Andersonville is affiliated with ABHE as well as several other organizaitons.  They have 10's of thousands of graduates, including myself.  I have been to Georgia and met everyone involved in the school.  They are absolutely not a diploma mill.  They make use of CD's with MP3 file courses...average of 16 45 minute lectures per CD, as well as many textbook courses which require written work as well as final exams to be graded and logged on a transcript.  Jostens issues their diplomas.  It is also documented that many national schools such as Liberty University have accepted credits for ATS.  Many national schools do not accept the other's credits.  No school in the US can guarantee that every credit will transfer to all schools.  That is simply not realistic in any way shape or form. 

    You also are not able to properly critique a school unless you have attended. 

    Many churches currently have pastors and workers that have graduated from Andersonville.  Just google Andersonville Theological Seminary and you will find their name associated with numerous pastors holding current ministry positions throughout the USA.


  13.  Andersonville Theological Seminary (formerly Andersonville Baptist Seminary) is an affiliate institution of the Association for Biblical Higher Education.  As such, it participates in and contributes to collegial and professional development activities of the association.  Affiliate status does not, however, constitute, imply, or presume ABHE accredited status at present or in the future.

    That said, ATS is a viable Seminary with valid degrees.  The ABHE is an accrediting body recognized by the U.S. Department of Education, of which, ATS is an Affiliate Institution.  They have chosen not to pursue accreditation, but are obviously legitimate enough to be associated with many great schools and seminaries.  

  14. I am currently enrolled in the Bachelor of Divinity program. Before I enrolled I went to Facebook and found many Andersonville alumni and sent a message to each asking about the seminary, quality of education, and most important - if they were able to pursue a career in pastoral work with their "distance education" degree. I received not a single bad report, and every one I communicated with was currently employed as a pastor.

    Now having taken several of the courses, I am pleased. I sometimes find myself chuckling at the "Georgia Drawel" of the lecturers, but the information is very good.

  15. My name is Roget, and I'am currently a student at Bergen Community College persuing my associate of arts in Sociology where I'am at the moment in my second year. And afterwards I would like to attend Andersonville Theological Seminary for a Bachelor of Divinity Degree with hopes of a future ministerial role in the future, and I've definately heard a lot of good things about the seminary and recently been on the website

  16. I received a Master of Biblical Studies and Doctor of Theology degree from ATS. I found it to be very rewarding and challenging. I would put the biblical training I received and ATS up against any seminary. Concerning the post that mentioned ATS either backed off or did not receive affiliate status with ABHE doesn’t seem to be accurate. According to the ATS web site, as of November 8, 2010, ATS now has affiliate status with ABHE. I don’t think they would be allowed to make that claim if it were not so. Regardless of what anyone says, I am pleased to have my degrees from ATS.

  17. I am currently going through the Bachelor of Divinity program and let me tell you I wanted to get through with my degree at a farely fast rate, however, ATS is not the school to go to if you want a diploma handed to you "without" no effort! I recommend ATS and can truly say that compared to the other "campus" colleges I have attended (Pensacola Christian College, Ambassador Baptist College) ATS is up to par with their materials! Its NOT a diploma mill, now as to whether or not it is the most professional or is accredited by TRACS or other institutions is a matter of preferance. Accredidation does not determine quality and in this case quality and even quantity is something ATS DOES NOT LACK. By the way dont hate just because your still paying your debt off for an education that you could have gotten somewhere else for a fraction of the cost, thank God for those who are helping many continue their education without going head over heals in debt!

  18. I have 3 earned degrees from Andersonville--and my last was the Doctorate of
    Theology. It is an excellent school--the only problem with it is that I can't get a job as a state prison chaplain simply because they are not accredited by the National Accredition folks like Texas Tech and Baylor. I couldnt even get a job as a substitute teacher part time using them as an education source---the school district wanted to see a copy of my high school transcript instead.

  19. those who are saying it is a "diploma mill" need to take a few courses or an entire degree and then come back here and comment again. I am sure they would change their mind!

  20. No.

    They are a diploma mill.

    Send them some money and they will send you a piece of paper.

    They are cheap and easy. Anybody can get a piece of paper from them.

    No church or organization will respect you if you list your education as being from Andersonville Theological Seminary, Andersonville Seminary.

  21. No.

    They are a diploma mill.

    Send them some money and they will send you a piece of paper.

    They are cheap and easy. Anybody can get a piece of paper from them.

    No church or organization will respect you if you list your education as being from Andersonville Theological Seminary, Andersonville Seminary.

  22. What I can say about ATS is it's a great Seminary.  Why you ask?  I have received my Masters in Biblical Studies, Ph.D in Biblical Studies and Masters in Christian Counseling.  And I am praying about going back to receive my Ph.D in Christian Counseling in the NCCA Licensure Program.  I highly recommend this Seminary.  The staff become like family.

  23. ATS is a very good school regardless of what the critiques have to say. I attended ATS and two other schools with the last one being Liberty University. I am grateful for attending ATS prior to attending LU because it prepared me very well. As a matter of fact, I will be graduating from LU in April 2011. I didn't see much difference in the quality and amount of work required for the courses. I don't know who developed this web site, but you will best spend your time criticizing  another school. ATS is an excellent school.

  24. Interesting that this question keeps popping up.  The Master of Divinity and Doctorate of Theology degrees I have from ATS have done everyhting for me I could have ever wished for.  I am the Senior Pastor at a large SBC church in KY while also a Professor of Theology at a major NCAA University.  My ATS education was never an issue in either case.  My suggestion would be to be weary of "false prophets" that defile God's word and those that teach it.  May the Lord bless you all.


  25. I received my Doctorate of Pastoral Counseling degree and participated in the graduation ceremony that was held May 28,2010 in Albany, Georgia.  There were about 57 graduates in attendance, along with several hundred others.  It was a great chance to meet Dr. Hayes, as well as others who are a part of the staff of the school.  They are incredible people with a passion for God, the Word, and education.  I highly recommend the school.  I have several degrees and am most proud of this one.  Josten's prints the quality degree.  I believe they average 6000 students per year if I am correct.  Some courses are textbook while others are CD.  You have to pass exams and write papers for class work.  This is NOT a diploma mill by far.  It is a great school.  
    Mark Plegge, Ohio

  26. Well, I graduated from ATS with the degree of Doctor in Christian Counseling and having completed my degree I went on to become certify as a Pastoral Counselor and Pastoral Care Specialist. 50% of my time is devoted to counseling and I work as part of a team of counselors who are LPC and have other kinds of state/national certification. I am very pleased and thankful to God for the seminary because they do made a difference in my ministry.

  27. Andersonville is an excellent Seminary. The teaching is very sound and totally Biblical. They have excellent instructors and I can honestly say that I as well as the congregation that I pastor over have been very blessed by its' teachings. Some have posted negative things about Andersonville. Don't believe them. God is using Andersonville to equip many to "go ye therefore and make disciples". I am working on my Master's from Andersonville and I actually had another former minister from my town ask me where I got my "license" from, I should have replied the same place where Paul recieved his.  I highly recommend Andersonville

  28. Yes it is. I have a Bachelor in Biblical studies from ATS and I am now working on my Masters.
    I am very pleased with the course work and it is not an easy ride. If you truly want to learn, you will be blessed.
    As the Holy Spirit leads is the way to go. God's word rightly taught is enough accreditation for most anyone, or any chruch that is concerned for the lost.

  29. It's a joke. I'm sorry but it can't make up for a real school. Any school that has to "beat around the bush" when it comes to talking about accreditation is most likely not worth going to. It claims an accreditation that isn't even legitimate.

  30. From what I can tell it is a good seminary. My one concern with it would be the fact that they ONLY use the KJV of Bible. This to me is really petty. I would attend ATS, if I didn't have to "validate" why I used NIV or NASB instead of the KJV. They ask for you to use the KJV in your course work - sorry, but I cannot stand the KJV and if they (ATS) did their homework concerning Bible versions they would reconsider their stance on such a ridiculous issue. Oh and by the way - ATS either lost or backed out on their ABHE affiliation status. I wonder why?

  31. Andersonville Theological Seminary is an excellent school. I've attended two other seminary regionally accredited seminaries. One prior to Andersonville and one after Andersonville. I can honestly say, I don't see much difference in the training at all.

  32. I graduated from ATS with a Doctorate in Ministry with a concentration in Pastoral Leadership.  Let us not forget how important prayer is when it comes to selecting a Seminary to attend.  ATS places a great importance on exegetical and expositional Bible courses and practices with sound biblical doctrine.  The course lecture material and tests will certainly challenge you and bless you in many ways.  Ultimately, ATS is what you make of it and what you desire to get from it....if you know you have been called by the Lord God and you have a desire to grow...ATS is certainly the place for you!

  33. Andersonville Is an excellent seminary. The spiritual blessings that have come through my studies are deeply rewarding.
    I was able to find a position as a student counselor at a Christian college and that was the paramount moment; I discovered all the answers to the hundreds of doubts that tend to creep up when the tuition bill arrives.

    As the world changes we, as the body of Christ, need to push harder and be bolder to introduce the gospel. God will give us the strength we need to endure. If you have been called of God, you will not be able to silence the call.
    Best regards,

  34. I am finishing my Masters in Biblical Studies and have found it rewarding.  Also, not that accredited matters, I understand that some of the classes are now transferrable to Liberty.  If you follow the program and do the work you will be rewarded.  The last time I looked DL Moody was a shoe salesman and did great things for God.  Amazing what the Holy Spirit can do without a college education.  If you are called to preach and teach God will supply the means to get it done.

  35. I find some of the negative comments about Andersonville Theological Seminary and similar theologically (versus secularly) accredited schools to be unintelligent, secularly biased, and possibly anti-Christian. Beware of the antichrist spirit of our age. First of all, accreditation is not by definition secular. Lacking secular accreditation does not necessarily mean lacking accreditation. Some of the critics need to consult their online or paper dictionaries. Recognition by peers can be one consideration in choosing a school, but that recognition may come in the form of THEOLOGICAL accreditation. The most important consideration, however, is the quality of the education as judged by people who have attended the school. I look for secular accreditation for secular degrees, and theological accreditation for theological degrees, and I seek out comments from actual students or former students of the institution in question. I have degrees from both types of school. Having done my homework AND having the experience of being LED of the Holy Spirit, I will start a Doctor of Pastoral Counseling degree program at ATS next month (January, 2010).

  36. I am currently completing my Doctorate of Pastoral Counseling degree from Andersonville Theological Seminary.  I must say that the courses were challenging and did take a lot of time to complete.  They have various formats for their courses including CD lectures as well as textbook courses.  I have used the information already in counseling those who come to my office.  They are very helpful when you call.  I will say that some of the CD lectures could or should be re-recorded so as to make them a bit more understandable.  Other than that, I am looking forward to graduating in May of 2010.

  37. Yes! it is a great school. Accreditation from the government always means worldly, the more accreditation the more a Bible correcting school.If someone has a problem with accreditation they do not understand Biblical edgucation. Andersonville is always improving. They offer language classes now, and ,any new courses.Remember, accredited religeous schools did not start accredited, they became through a long prosess accredited. and at least for the most part they believe the book they teach. If you want to have your faith robbed in the Bible go to an accredited school where they are trying to please government insted of God.

  38. Yes.  It is a very good theological seminary--that is if you like to study.  It takes hard work to graduate from it.  I am one of the summa c*m laude graduates from years ago...


  39. I graduated from Andersonville with a Bachelors degree and I found the instructors to be excellent and the coursework very demanding at times.  Dr. Jim Gibson was particulary good.  They are a very conservative, Bible-based institution of learning.

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