Interstate Telephone Harassment from Church of Scientology

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  1. When they call, start reciting the story of Xenu, the evil galactic emperor who Scientology blames for all of humanity's problems.

    For a brief synopsis of the story, search for Xenu on Wikipedia.

    Keep in mind that the person calling probably does not yet realize that Scientology is a space alien cult, and they may actually fear that you are going to cause them irreparable harm, or even death, by revealing this information before they are ready.

    You should warn them you are about to start reciting the OTIII (pronounced oat-tee-three) story, and they should either hang up or put an OT on the phone who can handle it.

    The "Church" of Scientology is very protective of its secret, upper-level teachings. Members pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to reach the Operating Thetan, or OT, levels, where they believe they will become godlike beings, capable of transcending matter, energy, space and time.

    Fortunately, the contents of the OT levels have been leaked on the Internet, and are widely available, most notably on


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