Inter Milan makes history Mourinho joins Ronaldo at Real Madrid

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Inter Milan makes history Mourinho joins Ronaldo at Real Madrid

Inter Milan has won the first treble of its history after beating Bayern Munich and claiming the UEFA Champions League after winning the Serie A championship and the Italian cup. Is this the start of an European dynasty? maybe not. The club might go through a period of turbulence after the departure of Jose Mourinho the Special One.

Inter Milan wins the Champions League while Mourinho moves to Real Madrid

45 years of emptiness is over. Inter Milan concludes their 2009-2010 season with a treble Serie A-Coppa Italia-Champions League. Since the 2-0 win against Bayern Munich at Madrid, Inter Milan fans are on a cloud nine and want to stay there. They will be abruptly awaken with all the potential turmoil coming up that might put a dark cloud on Inter's future as an European dynasty. As much as it is a paradox, a dream season like this one should promise a great future for any team. But doubt has installed itself in the Nerazzurri's mind. The main reason is, can the club repeat this performance without Jose Mourinho.

As he was leaving the Santiago Bernabeu, the Portuguese coach declared ''I want to be the only coach to have won the Champions League with 3 different clubs. It is more probable that I leave''. According to the Italian press, he should be joining the ranks of Real Madrid in the following days. Mourinho actually spend the night of Saturday in Madrid as the whole team was celebrating the European title back at home at the San Siro. Many see this as a sign of a future contract between Jose Mourinho and Real Madrid. Inter Milan is not a happy club as they know that Mourinho is an important pillar of the club. This news has become a symbol as the press is talking as much of Inter's title than Mourinho's departure.  

Within the club, no one is hiding their discontent or disarray. Luis Figo, an Inter Milan ambassador, sums it up:'' It is complicated to replace one of the best tacticians of the world and also a person that is so much appreciated by the fans. But life must go on. And if you lose the best, you need to find an alternative''. In two seasons with Inter Milan, the ex-Chelsea boss is now a must have at Inter and everywhere he goes. Before the final, Javier Zanetti summarized his impact. During his long career, the Inter captain has admitted never to have seen such a tight group behind the coach and totally believing in the coach. ''Every player, no matter what his role is, was behind the project. It is the key to our success'' said the Argentinean veteran. If Mourinho signs at Real Madrid in the next days, the Portuguese coach will leave a gap as big as an abyss in Milan.

If they have gained the culture of winning that has eluded for so many years, Inter Milan has other questions to answer. Their defense, the key to their success, is closer being an older defense than a young one, especially in the sector of central defense. If Lucio and Samuel are going 33 but are still in great form, Cordoba (33) and Marco Materrazzi (36) are close to retirement than anything else. The energizer bunny, Javier Zanetti, is in the same situation: he is 36 years old. To make things worse, Maicon, arguably the world's best right back, will be probably joining Jose Mourinho at Madrid. A lot of work, a lot of excellent work, must be done in order to replenish an aging Inter squad. Will Inter be at the end of a short winning cycle or at the beginning of a new era that will see them dominate the European scene as they are destined to. If Massimo Morratti, Inter Milan's president, has shown in the past that he always has an ace in his pocket and will do everything to keep Inter at the top.

The celebration of this historic treble has started in an interesting manner in Milan but Real Madrid is not too far behind with big smiles. It is official Jose Mourinho is the new Head couch of Real Madrid.



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