Info on Finland, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Denmark and the Netherlands. info if youve been/lived there?

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i would like to know things that i wouldnt be able to find on wiki such as, what people are really like. if its a nice place to live or not. and how it compares to america (both positive and negitive).




  1. I lived in Norway for a year. It's really beautiful there and the people are very nice and friendly. The only problem is Norway is super expensive, especially food and clothing. Beside the money, I love everything about living in Norway.

  2. I've been to all those countries and I guess it depends on what you're looking for for an opinion.  They were all very clean and the people all seemed to be nice.  I would spend more time in all if I could.

    Norway is REALLY expensive - I think Oslo was the most expensive city in the world last year.

  3. For more information on the Finnish people, check out this article, gives you at least an idea:

    Whereas from your point of view all the mentioned countries might seem similar, I can assure you there are differences. Whether they are nice places to live is so subjective that I don't think anyone can answer that. You should see them for yourself!

  4. ive been there

    nth special it rains 24 7

    the ppl are not friendly like canadians

    and its too plain

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