Indian police bust betting ring in Bangalore, 3 gamblers betting on cricket World Cup matches held

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Indian police bust betting ring in Bangalore, 3 gamblers betting on cricket World Cup matches held
A small betting ring has been busted by police in the city of Bangalore, India.
According to reports in the Indian media, gamblers at the ring’s den were betting on cricket matches taking place in the ongoing ICC World Cup 2011. The event is being co-hosted by India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh this year.
Media reports say that the police apprehended three people, including a well known bookmaker. Cash worth two million Indian rupees was also confiscated from the gambling den.
Police Commissioner Shankar Bidari confirmed the incident, saying, “Bookie Ravi Fighter and his associates Vipul Chowbe and Vinod were arrested during a raid in Vyalikaval area following information that they were indulging in betting.”
Giving further details about the stuff that was confiscated by the police, the Commissioner said, “Police seized Rs 20 lakh (2 million), which had been collected from the punters, who had placed bets during the matches in the past one week. 25 mobile phones,
a laptop, sim cards, with details of persons and amount involved in betting were also seized from them.”
Bidari added that two vehicles were also present at the scene of the crime which were confiscated by the police. He revealed that the total worth of equipment and cash confiscated by the police was worth a 10 million Indian rupees.
The police disclosed that the bookies had deployed two guards at the entrance of the den. The guards had two revolvers and 12 rounds, which were confiscated without any resistance by the guards.
Investigations have revealed that the bookie, Ravi Fighter, was in touch with other high profile bookmakers in Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai.
Police have claimed that because of the ongoing Cricket World Cup, betting has gone on a rampage in the country. has been known for being an easy home to international bookies. However, the international Cricket Council (ICC) has pledged to keep the current World Cup gambling free for which the cricketing body has taken many precautionary steps to reduce the
interaction between potential bookies and players of teams participating in the mega event.
Earlier this week, the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) also announced that it had given its government a list of foreign bookies who might try to enter the country in a bid to fix matches. The government said it is keeping a vigilant eye on foreigners
entering the country. Gambling is officially illegal in all three host countries – India, and Bangladesh.



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