Im getting lasik done in a day and a half. has anyone gotten it done before?

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im actually getting PRK (photorefractive keratectomy) its safer than lasik. they dont cut your eye. they say that the discomfort will last a little longer than lasik and i won't see as clearly right after the procedure. Have you gotten it done before, or know of someone. tell me your experiences and try and help me get over my nervousness, please. Oh, and how much did you, or someone else pay to get the surgery done? I have bad astigmatism so mine was more than the original price plus i got the lifetime of enhancements and the punctual plugs for the eyedrops all included in $1499 an eye. That's with the custom advanced procedure too, not the traditional lasik. so i figure it's a good price. well please let me know. i appreciate it.





  1. I got the traditional LASIK done about 2 years ago.  It cost about $1400...and that was the "better" procedure.  It was more precise because the computer mapped my eye in more detail (stupid "extra" if you ask me...everyone should get this feature).  I also had a slight astigmatism and I'm not 100% convinced that the procedure fixed it.  I still kinda see my eyes are not properly aligned.  I'm not sure if that's normal or it's the astigmatism.  

    Anyway, it was a 5 minute procedure and it was just slight discomfort during the whole process.  The tools they used to pry open your eyes was the most uncomfortable part.  I'd have to say the 2nd most uncomfortable part was the suction cup on my eyeballs.  The laser cutting my corneas and the laser zaps were painless...but there was that awful burning smell.  I was able to see pretty clearly right after the procedure was done.  Don't get me's been great ever since except occasionally my eyes still get dry and I have to put in some wetting drops that I always have handy.  Sometimes at night when I'm driving, headlights will seem to give off that glow which is a common side-effect called a "halo effect".  I'm sure if I put in some drops, they will be good as new.

    Everyone has different results.  The patient who went after me was not as fortunate.  She ended up having worse vision and had to wait until her cornea healed before she could have the procedure done again.  I wonder how she turned out.  Sorry...I don't mean to freak you out but stuff like that happens.  I'm not too familiar with PRK so I can't comment on how safe that procedure is.

    Good luck with your procedure!  Make sure you take care of them right after the procedure with the proper medication.  Also have handy a pair of sunglasses that will cover your eyes entirely.

  2. my friend got it done and he said he had no problems and it wasn't nearly as bad as he thought it was going to be.

  3. my dad got it done about  6 years ago and now he is starting to notices changes in his far away sight but the doctor tells you this

  4. around New Haven,Ct. [ U.S.A. ] the lasik is around $1,000 per eye. as a [ retired ] medical ttransportation provider,I've taken DOZENS to have it done.

    lol,one client told me he took off the patch that night to watch the football game [ NOT recommended ! ]

    usually next day you see as well or near as well. some need glasses [ though lower ] and some don't.

    depends on your body

    NOT a big deal. this isn't cancer or brain surgery

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