Im 17 with my permit and got a citation can i get my licanse?

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I live in Florida And ive had my permit since i was 15. Didnt ever go get mylicanse. And got a citation when i was 16 about 8 months ago for no proof of insurance. Well i took care of it it never turned into a ticket. So can i still go get my licanse? Helpp/




  1. in california your permit is only valid for 6 months if you do not take your driving test to get your license it expires and you have to start all over again. check your permit for an expiration date first.

  2. Off course you can just as long as everything is cleared up.Good luck!

  3. Yes you can get your license. You weere cited, and now you have insuracne (I hope!) so get your license already. :)


  4. yes you will be able to get your license

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