If we would put life inside a box and gift-wrapped it, what shape of box would it be & what color of paper...?

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to use in gift-wrapping it?




  1. In shape of a triangle wrapped in a green paper. No ribbons.

  2. The box would be round-this represents the earth as well as the circle of life.

    The color of the for gift wrapping would be purple-

    Depending on your own beliefs, purple represents alot of things natural and unnatural.

  3. star shaped, with yellow paper...

  4. To symbolize continuity, I'd pick a round box and I'd wrap it in gold paper.  Gold for success and happiness.

  5. Round and tubular to symbolize perpetuity and robustness.  It should be wrapped in glossy paper in red and gold. Glossy for smooth life and the rich colors to represent love and prosperity.  

  6. It would be the shape and color of whatever you want it to be.

  7. i want it to be striking red..its my favorite color,no other reasons,hehe

    the shape,it could be a crampled paper,it will have a shape soon as life gets to be better.

  8. a square box and a white wrapper...the wrapper will eventually have color as time passes by..

  9. octagon,each corner representing the direction life could take,the color should be multicolored,each color of heart.....yellow=happiness....etc

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