If I deposit a check, unknowingly a false check and my account is overdrawn, what happens

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If I deposit a check, unknowingly a false check and my account is overdrawn, what happens




  1. You are responsible for the overdraft.  This scam is everywhere these days.

  2. The amount of the fake check is deducted from your bank account, and any checks that you issued may be returned.  You may be subject to bank fees as well as to the fees of anyone that you wrote a bad check to.  

  3. There are some different answers according to which bank, However, in general any deposit is not considered available until it clears with the institution against which the check is written. You are responsible for maintaining a balance sufficient to cover any checks you write AND the bank may charge you a penalty as well for the bad check you deposited.Because you are deficient, any check you have written subsequently may bounce and a penalty for that is possible as well. The bank is not responsible for, nor will it accept any liability for, a check you accepted as good. You took a bad check...not the bank. All of this may be moot if you have some overdrawn protection - that is, a savings account which you have designated to be used in case of an overdraft. Your only recourse is to obtain reparations from the person who gave you the bad check. Now you know how businesses are damaged by accepting checks that are bad and why they really hammer people who've written bad checks. Of course there are legal issues for the bad check writer, but that won't help you. You better grab the guy who gave you the check that wasn't good...and make him an offer he can't refuse.

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