ICC World Cricket League Africa Region Division One Twenty20 – Namibia’s journey to the finale

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ICC World Cricket League Africa Region Division One Twenty20 – Namibia’s journey to the finale
After seven days of rigorous competition, the proud Namibian side secured a spot in the International Cricket Council’s (ICC) World Cricket League Africa Region Division One Twenty20 (T20) series final.
The final match, featuring Namibia and Uganda, is to take off at the Lugogo Cricket Oval, Kampala, on Friday, July 15, 2011.
The administered competition, initially kicked off on July 9, 2011, in Kampala, Uganda, featuring five African nations including Uganda, Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya and Namibia.
The series was set be a 7-day event, involving 22 games, which were to be staged between Kyambogo Cricket Ground and Lugogo Cricket Oval, in Kampala.
Namibia’s road to the final took off after the team came in contest with Nigeria in the series opener on July 9, 2011. The bout took place at the Kyambogo Cricket Oval and resulted in Namibia’s first win. The team gained an impressive 132-run triumph over
The same day, the team took on the tournament hosts, Uganda, at the same venue. The Namibians once again earned a 59-run win over the team.
On July 10, Namibia took on the Ghana side which was defeated by a massive margin of 174 runs.
With gratitude to the team’s batting line up, following the third win, Namibia secured another successive triumph over the Kenyans. The match ended after the opponents suffered an 8-wicket loss.
Namibia and once again faced each other on July 12, where the Namibians, maintaining their successive victory haul, secured a 6-wicket win. then faced team Uganda in a competitive fixture which resulted in the hosts facing a 19-run defeat.
Eventually, Namibia’s final two wins on July 13, against and Kenya, paved way for the side into the tournament finale.
The Namibian team’s successive triumphs come with the efforts of Skipper Craig Williams, for hosting a composition of strong batting and bowling talent on the side.
Throughout the competition, the Namibian players displayed exceptional performances on the field.
The praises start with the team’s batsmen, who the lead Namibia into holding the tournament’s top three highest totals of 262, 255 and 237.
As for individual star performers, as till now, team skipper der Westhuizen remain to the top three high scoring batsmen with respective aggregates of 376, 369 and 354.
Westhuizen single handedly produced a massive individual score of 159 not-out, against
As for the bowling side, Westhuizen also stands out as the team’s highest wicket taker. The player aggregated a total of 14 wickets from 8 matches.
As for the medium pacer, the player also managed to find a spot on the best bowlers rating of the tournament. Klazinga earned a total of 11 wickets from the series.
The competent Namibian side is all set to take on for the Final of the tournament today, July 15, 2011.



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