I want to quit getting my nails done to save money.?

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I have been getting them done with acrylic or overlays for two years now and I notice that when the tech takes them off to replace them, my nails are really weak and brittle. I want to take them off for good but I am afraid of the condition they will be left in. What can I do to have good looking natural nails at this point?




  1. give them a little break, weak nails take time ! youve had them mon 4a while. it may still be money but you need it to look these days yourself a course of manicures that way the therapist will be applying oils and creams and be using really nourishing products on your nails to help them and really soften your skin and help keep it looking young . thats what were here for. :) also you can ask for a good nail strengthener like o.p.i nail envy from your salon and use it at home aswell. they will include a polish with your manicure to cover any imperfections until the  nail grows out x*x

  2. Le them breathe!  They haven't been exposed to air for so long.  For a little while I would just let them be for about a week to just get used to being in and out of water, etc. then I would just keep them filed nicely and put a white or clear polish over them for a while.  After you have done that for a couple of weeks I would try some color.  That is what I did and finally they became stronger again.  But the key is that they need air.

  3. Don't put anything on them for 2 weeks. At night massage moisturizing lotion on your nails and cuticles. File them every day just at the tip this helps water from getting into your nail which causes them to split and stay fragile. After 2 weeks apply a clear base coat, 2 clear coats and a clear top coat on your nails. Take everything off of your nails after 1 week and do the same thing again with the polishes. If you keep up these few things you will grow healthy hard nails. Eat Jello your nails love it.

  4. You should try Slly Hansen nail care prodcuts. They work really well to revive your nails that weren't able to breathe through the fake nails and make the healthy again. Also, don't have fake nails applied anymore, it will make them worse because your nails can't breathe.

    Go to Wal-Mart or somthing tand then find the produc from Sally Hansen that you think will work the best for condition of nails you have.

    Good luck!

  5. Cut them regurally eat vitamin foods like orange and lemon.

  6. buy the clear nail polish and get one that says it will help you get healthy strong nails

  7. leave it the will repair them self

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