I need a good way to earn money from home that isnt an online deal

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i want to work from home so i can stay home and care for my daughter but i dont want one of those online deals. anyone have any ideas?




  1. Offer child care.

  2. Prostitution is very good money and flexible hours, and you can work from home. However many people may not want to do that.

    Something like accountancy can often be done from home, how is your competency with numbers and stuff?

    Setting up your own business can be difficult though, depending on what you do. I know someone who does sewing work from home, advertising in local papers and community messengers like the parish magazine. That way people come to her house, drop off the material and explain what they want done. Some hours later they come and pickup a very nicely sewn pillow or whatever.

    It depends on what skills you have really.

  3. Check out You will find some job opportunities, money making ideas and free resources to help you get started.

  4. A home business is always a good way to start.

    The type of business grealty depends on the kind of skill you process and the type of work you prefer. The following are just some ideas to start you off on your journey in search of the perfect job for you :

    1) If you are good with kids, you could try to start a child-care service. Maybe take care of kids when they get off school, help them with their homework, feed them and send them home in time for dinner?

    2) If you are good with your hands, you could try making things and sell them. Handi-crafts, cookies, fashion accessories are some examples.

    3) If you are good with language, you could do proof-reading, translation or some writing on your own.

    4) If you are good with numbers, you might want to help those who are not with their finances and budgets for a small fee.

    Hope the above is useful to you. :)

  5. You can do proofreading for novels, stuff envelopes, sew, lots of things! I think there might even be a few telesales jobs that disabled people do.

    These are just a few for people with basic skills. You could start an ebay dropshipping business (no risk). You can get courses on novel proof-reading. It pays about £8 an hour. My mum used to do it for fun (she loves to read) and she got paid! Good luck!

  6. You can apply for freelance writing, bookkeeping, software, transcription, online tuition or customer service work at home jobs. These companies do not require any fee and pay well . List of companies(with websites) offering genuine work at home jobs is available at . Many of these companies have been in business for several years

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