I am not able to play games?

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i have dual core processor with 512mb ram... but i am not able to play games. i mean, the graphics are not proper and it interrupts again and again. please help me out, where should i look upon?




  1. it depends a lot on wht games r u playing!!the ones dat r releasing now a days hve 512mb as minimum requirement!!so,if dats the case then only an upgrade cud help u!!

    try lowering the graphic details of the game!!then it wont,stop in the middle although the gaming experience might be reduced!!

    update ur graphic drivers from ur vendor's website!!!maybe ur drivers r out of date!!

    then,some games dont work well if u hve vista!!so just check out if dats the cause of trouble!!

    also check the read me file of ur game!!it describes the h/w n software requirments of dat game!!maybe there lies some incompatibility!!

    virus infection inhibiting some game applications may also b a cause!!

    some antivirus programs n firewalls also stop the initialization of certain game try after disabling them!!


  2. your video card is where you will need the extra processing power...512MB or higher, or run them in parallel if you can.

  3. maybe it's time to look for a new computer!

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  4. go to your store and buy some more ram . 512 megs of ram are not enough to run games these days I mean Crysis needs 2 Bioshock one , and almost everyother game . If don`t have the money try call of duty 4 that will work smothly

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