I am looking for any Branzaru's out there, I am a Branzaru in America.?

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I see multiple messages out there that someone is searching from Branzaru's? I would like ANY Branzaru's to contact me PLEASE. I am trying to find my relatives/family. We are originally from Bucharest.




  1. It looks like there are just a handful of you in the Southeast US (Texas, Louisiana and Florida) less than five in each state.  

    Hope this can point you in the right direction.

  2. I am always curious to know about census records in other countries.  Here is info about such records in Hungary -

    You might not be at that point now, but census is the usual means of finding intact families.

    You can also join a email based group that focuses on research in certain localities,,, through (click on email lists).  Doing this, lets you network with others for good sources, even sometimes a person onlist who lives there.

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