I am looking for a board game about real life issues, but its not the Game Of Life, it is.......?

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a game dealing with divorce, job loss, kids etc. Only caught a short glimpse of the game. It may be in a white box with black lettering and black outlining of people. It is not any version of the Game of Life.




  1. I believe what you're talking about is 'The Ungame'.

    The company who makes it is Talicor Games (

    It fits you rdescription, right down to the box design (except every version but the alpha playtest version has a color box - only the first version had a black and white box).

    You can also find it on ebay or hundreds of other game-seller websites.

    I hope this helped.

  2. It probably isn't Funny Friends by Rio Grande Games ( but it is such a good game that I recommend you look into it.

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