I am having trouble connecting my Wireless Internet

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I am trying to connect the wifi for my laptop. My main computer's disc drive is not working and is slow so I tried to connect it to my laptop. I plugged in the internet wire to my laptop and tried to setup the cd. It said I have limited to no connectivity and when I tried to repair it. It said I need a new IP address. Please explain what I must do and preferably soon. And I ask that you try to simplify it because I am not to good with computers.




  1. you question is confusing, you stated wireless, but you are talking about plugging in a wire...which one is it?

  2. You can plug an ethernet cable from a wireless router but it would make more sense for you to omit the word 'wireless' when you describe a problem with your internet connection if you have your laptop connected via a cable. It makes more logic to people who read and answer your question.

    Is your router connection protected? Do you have a WEP or a WAP key to enter in so you can connect to your router?

    Go to Control Panel and use 'Network Setup Wizard' if you can do this from your PC and via the wizard create a setup disk when prompted and when it is complete install the setup disk on to your laptop so the setup disk will add your laptop as a new device that is authorised to connect to your network.

  3. hey

    usually when you can't connect to your wifi the problem is you put in the wrong password so make sure your password is typed correctly.

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