I am 16 and want to attend college, i am illegal because i stay over my visa, why should i do to become legal?

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i been here for 5 years and my visa was for 6 months, i am 16 i need to know if it would be best for me to go back to my country and apply to citizenship or marry my boyfriend or what? thanks




  1. I think you should go with your first choice...

  2. Marry your BF would be faster... otherwise you should return home and apply.

  3. marry ur boyfriend..!!! then ull hav a visa.!!!

    good luck ... and hope u can go to college

  4. Hire am immigration lawyer and have him/her untangle this mess.  You might need to go back and reapply.

  5. some colleges dont accept illegal immigrants, but i think u might be able to attend a city college. u can research more info online.

    read this articles,2933,1868...

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