I Need an opinion on a wedding dress

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I need to get some opinions so this is the dress I was thinking of getting




  1. that dress is so beautiful and s**y. it is elegant and very glamorous. that is truely a drop dead gorgeous and completely stunning gown!

  2. ooh! its georgous<3  im not da type 2 wear a haltertop too much, but dats kyute. im luvin da gold flowers designs too.

    i wish i had a betta view of it tho 2 giv a mor thorough critique XP

    i wish u many blessings 4 u nd ure beloved husband on ure wedding day wen u use dis dress on dat special day.

  3. I am absolutely in LOVE with that gown!

    Its stunning!!

    Congratulations & Good luck!

  4. Very beautiful, as long as your wedding as an elegant, ballroom type feel overall.  Love it!

  5. Based on my tastes, I don't like it. Only because I'm into more of a sleek silhouette than a princess ball gown. I love the detailing though!- very elegant.

  6. It's a bit much for me, but it may be just the thing for you.  If you like it and are comfortable with it, go for it.  As I am learning with planning my wedding, you can do pretty much what you want as being the bride. The dress is beautiful, though.

  7. I like it the dress is nice.

  8. i think its really pretty and will make you look stunning. like a princess

  9. It is a beautiful gown - but it is hard to get a true feel for what it looks like because the woman in the picture is sitting down to the side.  

  10. OMG OMG OMG!!!  It is so gorgeous!!  Congratulations!  OMG now that's the dress I would want but I'm a bit too young to get married.  (;

  11. wow!! good job picking!

  12. I think is beautifull! Very elegant and s**y at the same time!!!

  13. It's beautiful.


  14. i like it.  very elegant.

  15. If you're having an indoor wedding, I think it would look fabulous.  Just be sure when you choose a dress, you choose it with your wedding location in mind.  :)

  16. Is beautiful. I wish I would have chosen a dress like that.

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