Husband is military and put next of kin as his mother, but shouldn't he have used me (his wife)??

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My husband had to turn in a paper about his next of kin. He told me that i'm not next of kin because i'm his wife. But everything i've read states that the first person they contact about death is the next of kin, so shouldn't he have put me instead of his mother? Or am I automatically told first because i'm his wife?




  1.  Honey I'm a military wife.  You should be next of kin.  He married you, not his mother.  If you have children he should be ashamed of himself leaving you with nothing.

  2. Legally if youre married your wife/husband is your n o k - always - an executor is the only person who if legally appointed takes presidence ...

  3. Or you can do what i did, when husband said to me " if anything happens to you I am your next-of-kin".........I chucked him .  I am healthy and I ain't planning to pop my little clogs for a long time .I ain't gonna be any blokes' meal ticket.

  4. I am dealing with the same question since I saw a paper with his mom as NOK. Glad i found this post. Don't listen to any of the people saying you are wrong to want this. Obviously they have not really thought it through like i'm sure you have. I would be hurt if I wasnt told first. Who knows if they can even get a hold of his mom, in my case. Secondly It would be obvious that the spouse should get the insurance money especially if there is a mortgage, car payments, kids in school, and other debt plus the burial costs and all other expenses. What are you people saying, that it should be ok for the mom to walk with the money and the wife is left high and dry to pay all the bills every month. That doesn't sound right to me.

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