How to start a home based catering business

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hello i want to start my own home based catering business is it a good idea start of slowly and then gradually grow and hopefully get my own catering mobile please advice me because i dont know where to start please help thank you




  1. Are you UK based?

    Business Link is a good place to start for free help and advice on starting your business.  They have lots of information on food hygiene certificates and the types of licences you need.

    Make friends with your local Environmental Health department.  If you let them know what you're planning to do, they'll help you to achieve it, if possible.  Ignore them and you're breaking the law as well as storing up trouble for yourself if something goes wrong.

    Check with your mortgage company about running a business from your home.  It will also not be covered by your home insurance.  AXA offers some good cover for businesses working from home.

    Good luck!

  2. From my experience, I would say that selling Jacket Potatoes is highly profitable.

    You wouldn't need much to start you off, other than a certificate from the local authorities to prove that you are producing the item in a hygienically safe environment.

    You could start from your own front garden, and because this product sells 'like hot cakes', you should realise a quick turnover, because baking potatoes are 'dirt cheap'.

    One of the stalls I visit occasionally, has a pricing policy of 'any potato with any filling of your choice' (for around £2:50) which usually includes coleslaw, grated cheese, baked beans (hot from a Bain Marie), Chili Con Carne, vegetable salad, sweetcorn, Garlic Butter, and whatever other items that might go with this item (check out any Jacket potato stall to see what they sell it with).

    When you have the necessary product in place, you will need the containers (polystyrene trays and plastic forks or spoons) which you can purchase at any cash and carry store such as Makro.  

    Check out the link below.

  3. I hope you realize what you are getting into.  First you must have a licensed and inspected kitchen before you can start catering.  One can not just cook and sell.  There are many state health laws you should make yourself aware of.    

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