How to prepare for dance team try outs?

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hello, I am thinking about going for my school's pom squad, but I have not danced for years! I am in good physical shape, but the onyl thing holding me back is... well I'm just not sure I can do it! I was thinking about taking a hip hop class or something this summer, but in case I do decide to try out, does anyone have any tips? Thanks in advance.




  1. Practice Practice Practice and maybe a hip hop class will Help

  2. Here are the (many) basics!!

    Requirements are different for every dance team. My high school dance team required you to do the following:

    - C-jump

    - Toe-touch

    - Forward leap

    - Kicks

    Also for dance team, they allowed us to do extra credit. This gave us extra points for extra abilities. Our choices were:

    - Splits

    - Center leap

    - Double / Triple pirouette

    - Fouette turns

    - Any acrobatics

    - or...anything impressive

    The main requirement is to be able to learn a dance quickly and be able to perform it as flawlessly as possible.

    Many teams range in size. I believe they range from about 15 to 25 girls. I think it mostly depends on how many try out, or how big your high school is. My dance team excepted 16 girls, and gave the next two highest scores the alternate positions (girls who fill in if a dancer(s) cannot make a big performance).

    As far as practices and tryouts go, just wear something comfortable and cool that you can move around in. Most girls choose to wear a tank top, and long black pants. Also, usually a jazz sneaker is required. Typically, you will be given a costume which you will wear during small performances (basketball games, etc.) Then, you may recieve fancier costumes which you wear to competitions. Most dance teams don't make the dancers purchase any of the costumes. You will just have to give them back at the end of the season for them to use in later years.

    Dance team coaches take advantage of high school sporting events and use them as practices for competitions. Basketball games, football games, wrestling matches, etc. are all great times for the team to practice. Sometimes, teams will hold a recital to showcase some of the dances they've learned. Then, there are just competions. The most important. Depending on how well the team does, you may do more competitions then you do other years.

    The following are some tips on tryouts. These tips are really usefull and should help you get on the team.

    #1 tip: CONFIDENCE!!

    Act as if you know exactly what you're doing. SMILE!! You'll never make it if you can't smile. If you mess up, NEVER show it on your face. I made the mistake of making a face when I screwed up, and didn't make it my freshman year. Concentrate on arm movements. The judges will NOT being staring at your feet waiting for you to mess up. They will be watching how well you know the general movements and how well you exaggerate them. Give attitude!! Flash them a smile or even wink if you're brave enough. The loudest most confident and cocky girls make it. Don't let stress and nerves take over. Walk into the judging area thinking you're good, and you're gonna make it.

    Good luck!! Tryouts are hard...but practice the dance A LOT and practice smiling as well!! If you make dance team, you'll have sooo much fun, and the practice and hard work really pays off.

    Have fun!!

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