How to get the preppy look for less

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  1. Select very nice outfits which suits you a lot but gives you satisfaction also..

  2. Yeeah, because Americans today can so afford J. Crew and Ralph Lauren- that's insulting. My family is upper class and we never shop at the mall, but you could look preppy wearing your dad's vintage flannel button-up and a miniskirt with a cinchy belt. It doesn't need a label that makes your eyes pop out in dollar signs. Besides, wearing uncomfortable clothing to look good and not to feel secure and beautiful in a natural way is way overrated. My rant speaks the truth. So stop being a harsher. Your look should come from inside you first.

  3. Um...I really don't want to sound stuck up, but nothing you listed above is preppy. Those are commonly, and wrongly, concieved as preppy. Preppy is Ralph Lauren or J. Crew, not Hollister,A&F,American Eagle, or Aeropostale. Preppy is Madras and Seersucker, pearls and gold. What is not 'preppy' is un-preps trying to go for the cheap 'prep' look. And if you buy you clothes at a mall, you are Mall Trendy, not Preppy. Just pointing it out.

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