How to connect a USB hard drive to an internal SATA port

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How to connect a USB hard drive to an internal SATA port

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  1. Samuel Peregrine

    Turns the computer on which you are connecting the USB hard drive to the internal SATA port.

    Place your USB hard disk that you want to connect to SATA port near the computer. Connect the USB hard drive if necessary.

    Open the computer case. Most cabinets are secured with screws star, located in the back of the computer to vent the power supply. Remove these screws by turning counterclockwise to clockwise. The most recent cabinets can have a side access panel that allows direct access to the motherboard. Are secured with thumbscrews. Remove the screws and remove the enclosure cover.

    Touch a large metal object to discharge static electricity, such as for example a chair or a lamp. These dissipate any static electricity from your body, which can damage computer components.

    Locate the internal SATA port. You'll find these ports on the motherboard. Check the motherboard manual and looking for your plane or motherboard diagram to help you locate precisely, if necessary. Connect one end of the SATA port adapter.

    Connect the USB end of the adapter to the USB hard drive port.

    Plug the computer. Turn it on. Go to "My Computer" to make sure that the operating system has already detected the USB hard disk. If not, try restarting.

    Close the computer case. If you want to make the connection between the hard drive and your USB port internal SATA permanent, USB cable passes through a vacuum space unit or another slot so you can s***w the lid to the computer case.

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