How old was the youngest Boeing 747-400 captain?

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How old was the youngest Boeing 747-400 captain?




  1. Ed Maxwell: In May 1990 he became a 747 captain with UPS at 25

  2. I don't know but the minimum age to receive an ATP certificate is 23.  And one does not become a professional pilot over night.  By the time you earn the required ratings,  flight time, and experience to be captain aboard a 747 will take years of flying so the youngest 747 captain probably would not have been so young.

  3. Seems to me I read, long time ago, that a 23-24 year old was a Captain on a 747. He was flying for either FedEx or UPS (I lean toward UPS)

    Google it

  4. in the company i work for an FO can be 18 and a captain can be 21 provided he has the hours i think its 5000 hours and he passes all the sim etc and thats for the 737-800

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