How much money does an artist per hour?

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Artists drawing done work for many different clients, including newspapers, police stations, large companies and private clients. These individuals have the creative ability to recreate an image to copy something that already exists or create something totally new. Some of these individuals work for other companies and for themselves. Wages of artists drawing are based on their experience, skill and how much is the customer willing to pay.

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    To become an artist drawing, an individual first needs to obtain at least a bachelor degree in fine art. This can be done in an art school or a university four years. Art schools typically focus more on the work of study normal four-year colleges with art programs. However, four-year colleges give artists additional education in other subjects that can expand your ability to draw more elements. The boarding school and then can provide examples drawing artists drawing work for their portfolios, which can then be shown to potential employers at some point.

    National Media

    According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics of the United States , the average annual salary for artists drawing was U.S. $ 42,650 in May 2010. This corresponds to $ 20.50 per hour on a weekly basis for 40 hours. Drawing artists work for themselves can earn a higher income based on the sale of each of their artwork. Artists drawing most skilled and experienced can show shows in galleries to sell their work or to get customers for commissioned pieces.

    Other salaries

    The middle 50% of the artists drawing earns U.S. $ 29,230 and U.S. $ 60,650 per year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This corresponds to U.S. $ 14.05 per hour on the low end to U.S. $ 29.16 on top of the pay scale 50% end. The tenth percentile of artists drawing made U.S. $ 20.78 per year and the ninetieth percentile earned U.S. $ 83,410 per year. This corresponds to $ 9.99 per hour and $ 40.10 an hour.

    Labor perspective

    According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook for drawing artists grow as fast as the national average, which is 12% from 2008 to 2018. With the increased use of computers, there will be an additional need for artists drawing with digital knowledge. Companies are also hiring artists with knowledge of drawing media for images to work with 3D movies and games to make things as realistic as possible images.

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