How much does the abortion pill cost and where can I get it

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How much does the abortion pill cost and where can I get it? I have a 5mnts old baby and I'm pregnat again and I don't wanna keep it.




  1. Wow you people are not understanding at all. I am in the same boat. My son is now 5 months old and i'm pregnant again. I do not want this child it will be my 5th. I did take precautions. I got the DEPO SHOT like i was suppose to and got pregnant while ON IT!!!! And well most people have s*x because it feels good not because they want to have a child. I have looked into options: Planned parent hood has them the pill can be used up to 8 or 9 weeks and is more expensive than a medical abortion. They do have financial help available. It depends on where you live though.

  2. attention to all the ill educated and big mouthed so called pro-life people the emergency pill has a 80% sucess rate so it might not work sometime so stop acting all-righteous and holier than thou coz i hope it happens to you while you are using your so called fool proof contraceptives

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