How much does Haider really know?

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What do you think about Pakistani wicket keeper Zulqarnain haider? How much does Haider really know?




  1. It was a bizarre setting for an extremely unusual story - but what Zulqarnain Haider had to say was chilling. In the back room of a curry house on the Broadway in Southall, west London, the 24-year-old wicketkeeper recounted what he had been told by a shady middleman in Dubai seeking to fix one-day matches. "He said: 'If you work with us, we will give you a lot of money. If (not and) you go back home, we will kill you and your family'." No wonder Haider looked drawn with bags under his eyes. Although he was dressed smartly with a dark winter coat and a scarf tied tightly around his neck, he cut a distant and isolated figure in a room packed tight with journalists and camera crews.

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