How many people were executed under the reign of Elizabeth I, and how many were Catholics?

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How many people were executed under the reign of Elizabeth I, and how many were Catholics?




  1. 50.  They were all Catholics.

  2. Queen Mary I of Scot - executed for treason in 1587. A fanatic Catholic Queen who plotted to assassinate Elizabeth I in order to claim the English crown.

    Thomas Howard, 4th Duke of Norfolk - executed for the Ridolfi Plot in 1571. Norfolk was entrusted by Queen Elizabeth I of England with public office despite his family history and his prior support for the Catholic cause, although he claimed to be a Protestant.

    Robert Devereux, 2nd Earl of Essex - executed for treason in 1601. On 19 February 1601, Essex was tried before his peers on charges of treason. Part of the evidence showed that he was in favour of toleration for religious freedom; in his own evidence, he countered the charge of dealing with Catholics.

  3. Even though there are no list of the exact number of people executed under the reign of Elizabeth I either for treason or any other crime, probably most of them were Catholics, like Mary Stuart.  But these Catholics were not executed mainly for their faith but because of their treason, like Mary of Scotland.  

    Rest assured is execution was done with enough reasons.

  4. you have to remember than most catholics were executed under local judges and magistrates.

    catholics were hated and feared with good reason, catholic powers had tried a huge invasion before and to ferment rebellion that would have claimed the Protestants lives. the huge massacre of Protestants in France shows how vicious  it could be.

    there is no tally on the number executed under imperial writ nor by ;local magistrates. it wasn't an offense to be catholic , just to be a attempt to kill her or over throw her. there were many catholics at court.

    he successor was over thrown by a popular revolution because he wasn't Protestant enough and eventually this christian Taliban was over thrown in turn and less lunatic Protestant placed in charge, the lunatic Christan Taliban left England with the king's permission and were the puritans who settled America

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