How long do bedbugs can survives without blood?

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Can bedbugs can died by starvation? If not then what else is there diet? BTW I AM NOT CALLING THE EXTERMINATOR! THEY DON'T DO MUCH SO DON'T TELL THAT ABOUT IT . I'm trying to find in other way to get rid of bedbugs.




  1. "Although bedbugs can live for a year or as much as 18 months without feeding, they typically seek blood every five to ten days. Bedbugs that go dormant for lack of food often live longer than a year, well-fed specimens typically live six to nine months."

    and the ways in which to get rid of them without using insecticides is to put all upholstery in the deep freeze (very cold temperatures will kill them) and to put "neem oil" over everything else.  

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