How do you make sure that the online store that you are going to shop from is not a fraud store?

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How do you make sure that the online store that you are going to shop from is not a fraud store?




  1. The security of the website.

  2. Do a lot of research.  What I normally do is google the store and add key words like FRAUD, normally it will pull up any information on that company as far as complaints or if any thing is suspect about it.  Be careful if it sounds to good to be true it probaly is.

  3. Email or use their contact form and ask a couple of basic questions. A reputable operation will get back to you quickly and answer you courteously. If they don't answer - well, that speaks volumes. It doesn't really matter what you ask them,you just want to see how long it takes them to answer, and if they come across as business-like.

  4. Usually, there is a little padlock icon in the lower right of the screen that is indicative of security of the site.  There are other indications as well when you follow the prompts - sometimes, the more safeguarded prompts, the more secure the site - but the fact is, we're living in an unsafe world.  To RELY solely on the internet for your shopping is a great mistake, you should, if anything, limit the information you put out there in cyberspace for your own protection.

    People are wayayayayaya too involved in doing EVERYTHING on the net...methinks they will be sorry at some point.  I have backed off seriously and LIMIT what I do, including, paying all my bills on the net.  I had a potential situation occur and now, well, I GET IT - it isn't completely, 100% safe - nothing is.  So everything in moderation, and I mean, EVERYTHING!



  5. only buy from reputable stores really.   sierratradingpost and have established discount sites.  but if you have no idea who they are, it is probably a good rule to look at online reviews of sites if you have a question.

    if you get an email for a great deal unsolicited than it is probably a scam

  6. you could read the bottom of the page or see if theres security setting thing.

  7. If you use a major shopping browser, you are protected by that company, even if you are buying from the little guys through them.  Safe companies are like:




    Yahoo Shopping


    Also, check the security setting.  

    Personally, I have a specific credit card I use ONLY for online shopping.  It makes it MUCH easier to track.  Never use your ATM debit card.

  8. My first requirement is that the store has an address. If there is no address or phone number then forget it. Look at the professionalism of the web design. Stay away if it looks like a child designed it. Go to a search engine and search for the store name to see if there are any comments or reviews of the site. Always use a credit card since the transaction can be canceled if nothing is received. Only use a credit card at a secure site. The address will start https and a padlock will appear at the bottom of the screen. Read the fine print. Many sites state that the items are copies especially watch sites.


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