How do i go about getting financial aid?

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I live in Ohio but i am moving out of my moms house and going to a Community College In North Carolina.. I will be living with my friend and her mom but can i and how do i get financial aid?




  1. the fafsa is the start, and I hate to discourage you, but if you are not a minority, even if you are poor and have huge SAT scores and straight A's and were involved in every activity your school had to offer, it is not looking good for you.  I have been through this...twice with my kids.  I was a single mother, working two jobs, but white, and my kids were great students and neither of them fit the racial demographics that were required for the scholarships.  Your best bet may be to go to apply for individual grants, my son did get one to a private school.  This is money that is given by an individual to help someone, like my son, because it was a private grant, the guy putting up the money didn't have to follow the ridiculous guidelines set up by affirmative action.  

    One last shot, if you have indian background, american indian, and you can prove you are 1/14th indian, you will get a free ride....the problem is proving it.  If you are you deserve it.....good just isn't easy.

  2. You can go to your local library if you don't have a home computer and fill out a FAFSA on line.  All you need is your prepared tax forms.  It is easy and doesn't take that long to do.  You will need a pin number to fill it out first, so just go to the website and apply for one and once you receive it you will be on your way.

  3. Go to and fill out an application.

  4. Well...this is the problem. First of all, if you are younger than 24, regardless of your living situation, your financial aid will go off of your parents income. Basically, this means, you could be the poorest student alive, and if your mom makes decent money, you won't qualify for a dime. Believe me I have been going through the same situation until I came up with a way to work the system. First, what you need to do is go to the FAFSA website and apply online, it will ask you which school you plan on going to and it will then send that information over to the financial aid office at your school.

    Now, if you have 2 parents and they are divorced, pick the one with the smallest income to go off of. They will tell you that you have to go off of the last parent that you lived with, but they can't and won't try to proove anything. Luckily, I guess, my dad is a loser and doesn't make **** for cash, so it benefited me when I decided to use him as my parent that I last lived with to go off of for financial aid.

    Also, remember that when you move to a new state it takes in most states a full year to gain residency, therefore, your tuition will most likely be more expensive, a lot more!

    What you want to do is go to a bank and open a savings or checking account so that you can start your residency that way.

    They want proof of when you came to the new state so something simple like that works well. KEEP the information in a safe place for when you need to become a resident of that state.

    Well...after you apply online and figure out which parent to go off of, then you wait for the financial aid office at the school to go through your paperwork and they will probably need more copies and information of taxes and such...and then you wait and see if you get approved for anything. The sooner you apply the sooner the financial aid officers can get working on your paperwork and the sooner you will get a response.

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