How do I trade shares listed on the New York Stock Exchange?

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I have an account with an online broker but the only trade in Uk equities. Can anyone recommend a cheap EXECUTION ONLY broker please?




  1. Interactive Brokers; cheapest rates, 35 markets worldwide, FX, Options, Futures and Bonds also.

  2. Scottrade is the best

  3. Iweb are a british based broker but after filling out a form, you can trade on the US markets. Each trade costs 10 pounds for British companies and 15 pounds for foreign exchanges. They have an easy to use platform, no added fees, just the price of the trade and are very good at dealing with queries whenever I have had them. My opinion of course, take it or leave it, but I have found them very useful.

  4. Try a discount broker like Ameritrade, E-Trade, or Scottrade. You won't find many (if any)  cheaper, no-frills brokers than these.

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