How did Queen Elizabeth become queen?

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Recently i read the book the other boleyn girl and now i am on wikipedia reading about mary and elizabeth, but there is something i do not understand. Correct me if i am wrong,

Ok so their half brother edward died, someone else became queen, and eventually mary became queen, right? how did elizabeth become queen? i heard elizabeth beheaded mary, is that true? and it never said any of them ever had children, who became the queen after elizabeth?




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  2. the problem with reading a novel with some fact is that you don't read the history

    henry had six wives

    but only three bore him children

    ok  Edward became monarch after the death of Henry VIII his mother was jane Seymour

    Edward died as a young boy and Henry's eldest child Mary ruled  his daughter by Catherine of arragon   upon her death as she was childless

    Elizabeth became queen as Henry's second child by Ann Boleyn

    the Mary who was beheaded was Mary queen of Scott's who was catholic and some wanted her to rule to take the country back to Catholicism

    when Elizabeth died Mary queen of Scot's son James became king of England and he was already king of Scotland and began  the Stuart rule as the monarchy  

    it's a very short resume of a vast and interesting subject

  3. Elizabeth had Mary Queen of Scots beheaded, a totally different Mary to Mary1.

    Elizabeth1 had no children, so James1 became king in 1603

  4. The heir to the throne is the eldest legitimate male child of the sovereign, the crown passing to female children only if there is no male heir. That means that if the monarch died leaving a baby son and no other male children, that son would become king, taking precedence over adult sisters. Edward was the only legitimate son of Henry, so he became King. He died while still a boy, so the next in line was Mary, the daughter of Catherine of Aragon, the elder of the two sisters. Mary died childless, so the crown passed to Elizabeth I.

    The person beheaded by Elizabeth was her Scottish cousin, Mary Queen of Scots, as there was a plot to make her queen instead of Elizabeth. Mary Queen of Scots was, ironically, the mother of the next king, James VI of Scotland aka James I of England, as Elizabeth too died childless and had to appoint him her heir to avoid any further feuding.

  5. The Other Boleyn Girl isn't a historically accurate piece of literature by any means.

    Once Edward died, Mary succeded to the throne, and her death was through illness. Modern doctors are still debating wether she died of a tumour or a glandular problem that caused the phantom  pregnany which eventually led to her death. Elizabeth beheaded Mary, the Queen of Scots, completely different person, and she did that because Mary spent the entire latter part of her life trying to overthrow her (arguably).

    The house of Stuarts came into succession after Elizabeths death, as she never formally named her heir. So James I became the King of England.

  6. After Edward died, Lady Jane Grey became Queen for nine days (thanks to her scheming dad) and was a great-grandniece of Elizabeth's grandfather, Henry VII. She was deposed and eventually beheaded by Mary, who became queen after her.

    Mary died in 1558 without leaving an heir, which is how Elizabeth became queen after her, and it is not true Elizabeth had her beheaded, Mary died after being physically sick and weak for awhile.

    When Elizabeth died she did not leave an heir, so the next monarch was James I, King of Scotland, who was related to the Tudors as he was a descendant of Henry VIII's (Elizabeth's father) sister, Mary Tudor.

  7. you must state Elizabeth 1

  8. Mary was a Catholic and not popular.

    Elizabeth was a Protestant and had Mary beheaded.

    Nice eh?

  9. Sometimes novels can be wrong in history.

    Queen Mary I, Queen Elizabeth, and their half brother King Edward were all children of King Henry VIII. Back then if the king had a boy, even if he was declared a b*****d, he became the next king if the king before died. When King Henry VIII died King Edward came in. He did not live very long though. After Lady Jane Grey was queen until she was beheaded. Up next came Queen Mary I. Queen Mary I was never beheaded by Queen Elizabeth I. That is wrong. Queen Mary I had sinus problems, headaches, and some other health problems so she was dieing. There was no one else who could be the queen so she had no other choice but to let Queen Elizabeth I rule after she died. Queen Elizabeth I became queen and had her coronation in January I believe. Queen Elizabeth I was certainly the best queen in history. Queen Mary I and Queen Elizabeth I were actually half sisters.

    Queen Elizabeth I


    Father: King Henry VIII

    Mother:Queen Ann Boleyn

    King Henry VIII had 7 wives.

    The 2nd wife was Queen Ann who

    was Queen Elizabeth I's mother.

    Queen Ann was once

    Queen Catherine's lady-in-waiting.

    Queen Mary I


    Father: King Henry VIII

    Mother: Queen Catherine of Aragon

    King Henry VIII, along with his children,

    were all Tudor family. The family reigned

    for over a hundred years. Queen Catherine

    of Aragon was married to King Henry VIII's

    brother but he died. Queen Catherine of Aragon

    was King Henry VIII's first wife. When he met

    Ann he divorced Queen Catherine of Aragon from


    Relationship and Pregnancys of the sisters:

    Queen Mary I- Married to King Philip of Spain. Had a couple of false pregnancies.

    Queen Elizabeth I- Never married.

    I hope this helps. There are many websites you can also check for the Tudor family.

  10. When Henry VIII made his will, he named Edward as his heir, with Mary next in line of succession, then Elizabeth.

    When Edward was dying, he tried to overturn his father's will and name his cousin, Lady Jane Grey, as heir, but as he was not yet of age it was not considered that he had the right to do this, and anyway most people thought that Mary, as Henry's oldest daughter, had the most right to succeed.

    So Mary became Queen, and reigned for five years.  When she died, her younger sister Elizabeth, next in line for the throne, became Queen, and reigned for 44 years.

    Elizabeth's cousin Mary was Queen of Scotland, but she was forced to abdicate, having made herself very unpopular with the Scottish people, and she was suspected of having murdered her husband.  She fled to England, where Elizabeth kept her imprisoned in various houses for nineteen years, then finally had her beheaded for plotting against her. Mary's son James succeeded his mother as King James VI of Scotland.  When Elizabeth was dying, she named James as her heir, and he became King James I of England.

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