How can I build muscles in mah arms?

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I'm looking to work out my fatty arms. I was wondering what exercise you would suggest.




  1. At  home  take  two same  weight  bags of  sugar/flour  and place in bag  with handel such as  plastic grocery sack. Hold  out in front,  count  5,  hold to  side  count  5, repeat. Also  up and  down from  side.  Increase  count as you get  stronger. Dont  go to fast  at  first.  

  2. Lifting weights.

  3. First of all, you could lift weights (either with gym equipment or portable, hand-held weights).  Beyond that, chin-ups, push-ups and swimming are good for the arms.

  4. weight training......pick up some dumbells and go to some pushups

  5. use a bench pressing bar with a good amount of weight and put it on the ground.  bend over the bar and lift it with your arms only, dont straighten your back. do this like 20 times a day.

  6. Bicep curls.

  7. push ups are good for arms. and also get some weights and lift them every morning until you are satisfied with your arms

  8. together my husband and i are starting out with some 15lb weights and doing some basic lifting and push ups everyday!! we're already seeing the results!

  9. Pushups, bicep curls, tricep presses, etc.

  10. swimming and pushups.

  11. Weight-Lifting. I hear that's the best to build muscles in the arms area, i'm pretty sure it is. You have to lift out of your limit--well, not TOO much out of your limit, because that can cause serious pain. Challenge yourself, go to the gym. Work those arms out as much as possible, within a few weeks of going continuously, you will see results. & Please, don't take Steroids. lol  

  12. pull ups bench press push ups

  13. maybe you should start by using MY instead of MAH that might help

  14. Most people will tell you that biceps exerciseses are the way to go, but if you want to work your arms and get them to look good, your triceps are actually more important.  They give you good girth and you can lose that gramma hangy flab on the back of your arms.  Of course biceps are important to work out, but hit your triceps hard, you will see a quicker benefit from it.  My buddy who is a wieghtlifter told me that and I thought he was nuts, but it's true.  Get a good dumbell book or go online and look up good triceps excersices.  Good luck man.

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