Horse, zebras, donkeys???

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Do you think that horses are more closely related to donkeys or zebras? Why?




  1. zebras

  2. Equidae is the family of horse-like animals, which belong to the order Perissodactyla. It is sometimes known as the horse family. Apart from the horse, other extant equids include assorted subspecies of donkey or a$$, and the zebras. All of these are in the genus Equus.

    They are related equally. They are all part of the same family.

    They are all closely related enough to cross breed with one another. Making a zorse, a zony, a mule (or hinny), or a zonkey.

  3. Zebra.  They have the same shape.  Color isn't much difference in my opinion.  Donkeys have a different shape with the big ears.

  4. I think Donkeys! Zebra's are more difficult to tame and befriend, than both D's and H's! And, Z's are sort of wild animals, and D's nd H's are domestic!

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