Homeschoolers, are you taught about creation science???

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Or evolution or a combination of both. What are your parents going to do now that your parent must be a certified teacher to homeschool you???




  1. A few things: Homeschooling doesn't hold the same standards that public school holds, so it is up to the teacher (or parent, depending on the homeschool situation) as to what is taught. Secondly, you mention that "parent must be certified" this also varies by state. I'm in OR, and parents don't have to be certified, or have even taken any education classes. My aunt homeschooled my cousins, and during the "religion" portion of their day, they did learn creation science. They did not learn about evolution except for that it is "not true."

  2. We don't believe in creation science, so we don't teach it.  We do, however, support the rights of other parents to teach according to their beliefs.

    Parents do NOT need to be certified teachers to teacher their children.  The court abandoned that ruling. Please stop spreading rumors.

  3. wait, what state is this new law in? I didnt hear anything about ur mom having to be a certiffied teacher. and yeah, i do take creatin science.

  4. Creationism and Evolution - both with an open mind.

    The problem that I have with evolution as it is taught in the school system: It is taught (at least in many places) as irrefutable scientific fact and no other possible explanations are allowed as part of the learning or discussion.

    Anyone with an open mind and half-way knowledgeable about the subject will admit to many holes in the *theory* of evolution.

    We have also studied a bit about: Hinduism, Judaism, Islam and Buddhism.

    ***UPDATE: All the religions I list above (and many many others) have creation beliefs.

  5. The term 'creation science' is an oxymoron.

    Parents do not have to be a certified teacher to homeschool their children.

  6. We use Apologia which teaches Creation Science and Evolution from a Christian prospective.  I believe a child should learn both! After all a true education allows children to decide what is truth and fiction.

    Since when do I have to be "certified" to teach my children? You may need it in your state but my state doesn't require it! There are also ways to get around being a certified teacher! Such as using an umbrella school.

  7. We are Christian homeschoolers.  My denomination does not teach that the earth is a young earth and that you can't believe in evolution.  We are Catholic, and are free to believe what we wish about evolution.  We do use mainly secular science books.  We do teach evolution.  We teach about the universe in terms of billions of years.  My children are also aware of the young earth creationist view, even though we don't hold to it.  For example, we did read the book, "It Couldn't Just Happen."  

    We also talk about how ordered the universe is.  We discuss about the beauty of the world.   We talk about how if the earth was just tilted a few more degrees one way or the other it couldn't support life.  We talk about how great of God we have to have designed everything and how much order there is to everything!  

    We also talk about our need to care for the planet, and how that is also a Christian responsibility...  

    We believe that the Bible is 100% truthful, but that it isn't always to be read literally.

    Parents don't need to be certified teachers...

  8. I am a former homeschool mom who currently schools Other People's Kids.  We are Christian, and we do teach Creation Science, although we do cover the major points of the theory of evolution, because the kids will be encountering it in and out of school.

    I'd like to refer you to a website that discusses in detail the arguments, and shows that real science does not support evolution:

  9. Huh?

    A)Parents don't have to be certified to teach.

    B) I think you meant "directed"

    C) we are Christian, and I will teach creation and evolution as theories.

  10. Well, I use a Christian/Catholic homeschool program.

    They teach "about" evolution. But don't really "teach it" (If you kinda get what I mean).

    I am as about as much of a Darwin fanatic as you can get. I am a STRONG believer in Darwin's theory of evolution. And because of it, (Even though I never come out with it to anyone, and still do church things, only because I'm homeschooled though, and have very few other means of having friends) I am kind of a closet Agnostic/Atheist.

  11. This isn't much of a question since there is no law in any of the 50 United States, Canada, the UK or Australia that says a homeschool parent has to be certified in any way. You must be thinking of the hearings that took plaace in California not too long ago, but you're a bit behind. No law was passed. A judge tried, but did not succeed, and parents are homeschooling in California the same as they always have been.

    Now, in answer to your other question, I study evolution. My mom is somewhat religious, but I am not and she respects that. She isn't sure what she "believes" in, meaning she wants to believe in Creation on an emotional level because she does believe in god, but intelectually she knows that Evolution is what happened. I respect this, but we leave religion out of academics entirely and do not mix creation and biblical ideas into science.

    No disrespect to anyone who is Christian, believes in God, anad doesn't "believe" in evolution, however.

  12. We are not believers in creation or intelligent design, so while we discuss it (in terms of "facts" vs. "myths") we do not study it as science.

  13. I was taught Creationism and then during high school I studied about evolution on my own.   I chose not to accept the theory of evolution after reading "Evidence Demands A Verdict" and numerous other books.  It just didn't/doesn't make sense to me.

    My mom put me into college on a high diploma.  My dad is certified to teach K-12 but he was never the 'teacher' for our homeschooling.  Parents do not need to be certified to teach their children where I live.

  14. First, your parent is not required to be a certified teacher to homeschool you.

    Second, we are Christians and I teach my homeschooled children creation AND evolution, and our theory is that we have evolved from what God created.

  15. 1) My children know the Biblical story but that's it. They have been exposed to evolutionary theories, but with lots of things in science, I prefer to have them know that things can change and that what we believe at one time can change when we get new information later on. I know it can be hard for kids to make a switch from, "This is what I was taught!" to something that contradicts it. The recent reclassification of Pluto has been a wonderful way to point this out.

    2) Parents do not have to be certified to homeschool their kids. I'm assuming you have heard the California news story from sometime back. The dept. of education in California as well as the governor will assure everbody who asks that parents are still able to teach without certification. The law does not require it for homeschoolers nor for private school teachers--the judge was wrong.

    Besides, I AM a certified teacher homeschooling my kids so if it were the case that I had to be certified where I live, it wouldn't be a problem.

    Btw, to Max, you can still be Catholic/Christian and believe in evolution. The Church has no problem with it.

  16. I homeschooled myself when I broke my foot and was out for 5 weeks in 7th grade.

    I had life science, and the honors curriculum included evolution, one of my fave subjects. I'm not Christian or anything, but my mom is and was cool about it.

    I studied it a lot and when I came back to take my tests for it, I aced them with 105's.

  17. I don't even know what 'creation science' is!

    Do you mean 'God created the world in seven days' and all that? If so, no. We're not religious. That stuff doesn't go down here. Just yesterday, I saw a news report that described my country as 'one of the most secular on Earth'.

    I'm an unschooling auto-didact so I teach myself whatever I want/need to learn...and that is Mendelian genetics  (my family breeds cattle, my mum has her own horse stud and I plan on setting up my own pedigree sheep flock).

    As far as: 'What are your parents going to do now that your parent must be a certified teacher to homeschool you???' goes, I don't know where you got that from? Are you talking about California? In which case, they haven't ruled any such thing; in fact I heard that the family court's jurisdiction over the kids who originally sparked the case was removed by a higher court earlier this week so the whole thing was a nonsense anyway.

    Anyway, I'm not American and am not being home-educated in the US so it's all irrelevant to me, my parents and what we do and how we home-educate. In my country, home-educating parents have no need nor reason to be certified teachers. Mine are not even teachers as I (and my siblings) are being raised as unschoolers; we teach ourselves whilst our parents act as our mentors. Our only 'teacher' is life, *grin*.

  18. Yes, I and my five siblings are taught creation science. Every science book, however, has a chapter which combats evolution so we are not ignorant of other people's views. And we live in Nebraska, so my parents don't have to be certified teachers. And I teach myself, so I would have to be the certified teacher.

  19. I am taught by a Christian Curriculum.  We are taught about Creation Science but also taught about evolution and why it is not scientific and makes no sense.  But really it depends on what curriculum you use and what it teaches you. Where I live you don't have to be a certified teacher to home school your children.  Also we send our report cards/ progress reports to the school and we send them to the providers of the curriculum along with my tests.

  20. My son studies both, as well as ID, and makes his determinations from the evidence.  We believe that he should be able to study several viewpoints and decide for himself.

    We are Christian, but my son researches science based on scientific evidence, not on his beliefs.

    By the way, no state requires homeschool parents to be certified teachers.  That is a myth that came from a bogus ruling in CA which has been remanded back to the lower court.

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