Hollande 's personal situation overshadows his U.S. visit

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When Francois Hollande came to power, the protocol suffered a stroke and faced realism in state visits, President of the French Republic would travel with a companion who had no wife category. Two years later, Hollande has landed in the U.S. suddenly single, confusing the social secretary of the White House and causing her emotional status robe attention to issues of major political significance.

France is the oldest in the United States, even before the country gained independence from the metropolis ally. After a small bump caused by the U.S. invasion of Iraq more than ten years ago, the episode is now almost only remembered for the name change to the chips (Freedom Fries by French Fries), and Washington has today in Paris at a good friend, voting in the Security Council and UN nuclear bomb.

Barack Obama and Francois Hollande would like the visit of French President girt to the high international politics, either to discuss anti - terrorism D'Orsay sending troops to Mali to contain a related Islamist Al Qaeda - raid or how the Elysee today claims to be European hawk ally that Washington has in the old continent - Hollande pushing for air attack on Syria last summer and surprised after Obama 's withdrawal from the plan.

The letter Monday signed two leaders together today in The Washington Post and Le Monde, with the eloquent title of France and the United States, enjoying a renewed partnership and test the above. And yet, visit Hollande, 59, the United States has been overshadowed by her chaotic life sentimental motorcycle tours including protecting their anonymity after a town to visit his actress - lover, and has forced the White House destroy - discreetly -300 invitations to the state dinner Tuesday morning with the name printed on them, and Valerie Trierweiler, girlfriend of former partner Hollande for seven years but bypassing the vicarage.

Hollande Obama receive a reception reserved for the closest collaborators of Washington, a privilege given to very few. Beyond small current disagreements about taxes they should pay in France large technology companies like Google - Hollande is the president who tried to tax millionaires at 75 % - or espionage NSA uncovered by Edward Snowden, the journey will dive - via Air Force One - in symbolism with the visit of two presidents at Monticello (Charlottesville, Virginia), residence of Thomas Jefferson, third U.S. president, who was formerly ambassador to Paris and has statue on the banks of Sena. During the journey, and Francois - maybe Barack can talk about everything but Friday is Valentine - in Obama's language, as Hollande language proficiently manages the U.S., which does not always happen.

The last French president on state visit to U.S. was Jacques Chirac in 1996, under President Bill Clinton and, say, to the distress of Hillary, who feared that the menu was not up to French haute cuisine to Americans believe that the French are accustomed. In 2007, not granted the privilege of a state visit, Nicolas Sarkozy was greeted by George W. Bush and, now Hollande, also created in the White House protocol repecto certain problems since announcing her divorce from Cecilia Attias few weeks before his visit to Washington.

It could be said without exaggeration that state dinners in the Obama Administration are under a kind of spell that just rodenado drama, either because a couple of aspiring celebrities on a reality show is cast revealed serious gaps in security - and costing Ranked at the time social secretary Desiree Rogers or because Dilma Rousseff, president of Brazil, leave the hosts planted after his refusal to travel to Washington after learning spied on by the U.S. secret services.

Overcome the problem of invitations now remains to be seen who sit next to Obama at the state dinner, place traditionally reserved for the wife of the president in office, except in the case of Angela Merkel. For now, Michelle Obama has two free days, you should have dedicated, accompanied by Valerie Trierweiler - Hollande or lover, Julie Gayet, had this as well and decided that was not the case, visit a local college and have tea in the company of other senior ladies.

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